Kazymyr Malevych is one of the leaders of world avant-garde, who remains of the most influential artists in the history of art. He was born exactly 140 years ago in Kyiv. However, it is only now that we are beginning to discover the unknown layer related to avant-garde art of early XX century in Ukraine, and the connection of Malevych with Ukrainian culture.

During the four days on the venue, the Forum called "The New Generation: An Artist and His Generation" will become an opportunity for everyone to open for himself the previously unknown continent of Ukrainian avant-garde.
The Forum includes events for professional audience (reports, panel discussions, round tables) as well as for the regular visitors (introductory lectures, shows, guided tours). Additionally, the Forum will host the premiere of the movie called "Malevych" (FRESH production, Ukraine), a presentation of a compilation called "Kazymyr Malevych: Kyiv aspect", as well as various concerts, plays and themed tours.
The participants of the Forum include: Christina Lodder (Malevych Foundation, UK), Myroslava Mudrak, (USA), Oleh Ilnitsky (Canada), Jean-Claude Marcadé (France), Sheng Sheyenne (Director of Khardjiyev-Shaghi Foundation, Netherlands), Myroslav Shkandriy (Canada), Andriy Boyarov (Lviv, Ukraine), Vita Susak (Ukraine-Switzerland), Matthew Stephenson (Arkhipenko Foundation, London) and others.
Foundation for Cultural Diplomacy UART.

M17 Contemporary Art Center, 102-104 Antonovycha str.

By registration and tickets
On February 23rd, we shall celebrate the 140th anniversary of birth of Kazymyr Malevych. He is a key personality for world avant-garde art, and at the same time very closely connected to Ukrainian culture.
Tetyana Filevska
curator of the forum, art-manager, cultural activist and researcher of Ukrainian art of the twentieth century. Founder and head of the Malevich Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Jean-Claude Marcadé
art historian, curator, director of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) (Paris, France)
Sjeng Scheijen
specialist in Russian avant-garde, board member of the Khardzhiev-Chaga foundation (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Dmytro Horbachov
fine art expert, avant-garde researcher. (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Vita Susak
doctor of Arts, art historian (Zürich, Switzerland)
Christina Lodder
art historian, specialist in constructivism, President of the Malevich Society (London,UK)
Myroslav Shkandrij
professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba, literary critic, modernist poetry specialist (Toronto, Сanada)
Oleh Ilnytzkyj
professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta (Edmonton,Canada)
Myroslava Mudrak
professor of art history, professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University (Columbus, USA)
Jevgenij Demenok
writer, journalist, art historian (Odessa, Ukraine)
Konstantin Akinsha
Founding Director, Board of Trustees Chair, Russian Avant-Garde Research Project, UK
Andriy Boyarov
visual artist, independent curator and researcher (Lviv, Ukraine)
Sophia Dyak
historian, director of the Center for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe
(Lviv, Ukraine)
Tetyana Pavlova
doctor of Arts, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Art Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Oksana Barshynova
curator, lecturer, National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Olena Borymska
art historian, author of lectures on avant-garde, curator, National Museum "Kyiv Picture Gallery" (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Natalia Shpytkovska
Director of M17 Contemporary Art Centr (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Matthew Stephenson

сonsultant, exclusive representative of the Alexander Archipenko Foundation. (London, UK)
Alexandra Keiser
research curator at the Alexander Arhipenko Foundation
Serhii Girik
historian, philologist (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Thursday, February 21

14:00 Registration of participants of the Forum at М17 Contemporary Art Center
14:30 A curators' guided tour of the exhibition called "Avant-garde: Searching for the Fourth Dimension".
16:30 Presentation of the book "Kazymyr Malevych. Kyiv Aspect". Participants: Yaryna Tsymba, Tetyana Filevska, Lidiya Lykhach, Cristinа Lodder, Andriy Adamovskiy, Natalia Shpytkovska
18:00 Official Opening Ceremony of the Forum at М17 Contemporary Art Center
19:00 A performance "Total look" by Fedir Vozianov

Friday, February 22

10:00 Registration of participants
10:30 A greeting address from the organizers
10:45 Lecture by Myroslava Mudrak "Ecology of Modernism: Preserving Time and Space in Ukrainian Art of Early XX century"
12:00 Lecture by Alexandra Keiser "Archipenko: A Modern Legacy"
13:00 Discussion "Ukrainian Contribution to World Avant-garde". Participants: Oleh Ilnitsky, Myroslava Mudrak, Myroslav Shkandriy, Vita Susak.
Moderator: Dmytro Horbachov
15:30 Round table talk "Contemporary Legacy: Activity of Avant-Garde Artists' Foundation Nowadays". Participants: Christina Lodder, Sjeng Scheijen, Matthew Stephenson.
Moderator: Tetyana Filevska and Natalia Shpytkovska
17:30 Lecture by Oleh Ilnitsky "National and Empire Cultural Discourses, or Where Are the Legitimate Borders of Ukrainian Avant-Garde?"

Saturday, February 23
140 years since birthday of Kazymyr Malevych

Registration of participants
10:30 Lecture by Sjeng Scheijen "Tatlin and Malevych: justified offences and creative illusions. New findings from Khardjiyev foundation"
11:30 Lecture by Vita Susak "Whose Malevych? Why Malevych?"
13:00 Round table talk "The Map of Ukrainian avant-garde" Participants: Andrii Boyarov, Tetyana Pavlova, Yehven Demenok, Olena Kashuba-Volvach, Olena Borymska. Moderated by Oksana Barshynova.
16:00 Lecture by Myroslav Shkandriy "Malevych in the West: discovery and acceptance"
17:30 The first open premiere of "Malevych", the movie (FRESH production)
20:00 Discussion of "Malevych", the movie.
Participants: Oleh Shcherbina, Tatyana Fillevska
Sunday, February 24
10:30 Registration of participants
11:00 Lecture by Constantine Akinsha "Ukrainian Modernism: Temptation of the Market" Lecture by Oleh Ilnitsky "National and Empire Cultural Discourses, or Where Are the Legitimate Borders of Ukrainian Avant-Garde?"
13:00 Round table talk "Collectioners of avant-garde. History and practice"
Moderator: Natalia Shpуtkovska
16:00 A discussion "To Decommunize or Not To Decommunize? The Awkward Legacy of Avant-Garde". Participants: Sophia Dyak, Nikita Kadan, Serhii Girik, Eugenia Molyar. Moderators: Oksana Barshynova and Olena Borymska
17:00 A screening of video chronicles of art life in 1920s, with comments by researchers: Dmytro Horbachov and Iryna Meleshkina
18:00 A lecture by Jean-Claude Marcadé
19:00 Concert of avan-garde music

Free entry for professional community by registration only. Number of seats is limited. Registration is closed
M17 Contemporary Art Center
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