On April 13th, the newly renovated Foundation Center for Contemporary Art M17 opens a Sculpture Project "Reforming the Space", featuring works by famous Ukrainian artists Nazar Bilyk, Oleksii Zolotariov, Sergiy Petlyuk, and the star of world sculpture Jaume Plensa.

"The project "Reforming the Space" aims at using contemporary art sculptures and installations to show the way artists see today reforms in the surrounding space," says the project curator Kateryna Ray. – It is not only about the territory of the city where they are located, but also about the metaphysical, personal space, the space between man and nature, man and the universe. The artists explore how political, geopolitical, cultural and social changes affect global dynamics."

In addition to the exhibition, during several days there will be held meetings and lectures with the leading world experts in the field of sculpture: representatives of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the Mario Merz Foundation in Turin and the London Sculpture Project "Sculpture in the City." Everything so that Ukrainian artists and visitors to the Forum can have an opportunity to learn more about world art, to see the works of modern sculpture, as well as to exchange experiences and improve the city space of Kyiv with the help of sculpture.

"We wish that people would speak more often about Ukrainian artists on the international arena. We want to harmonize the interaction of public space and sculpture, - says the director of the Center for Contemporary Art M17 Nataliia Shpytkovska. "That's why we are organizing a Sculpture Forum with the participation of Jaume Plensa and the leading experts in the field of sculpture and architecture, so that they would become acquainted with the contemporary Ukrainian art and our city, would be able to feel it, understand it and help us to develop it. After all, the support of intercultural dialogues and cultural diplomacy is a way to form the European society and improve the surrounding space. "

The opening of exhibition starts on 12 April at 19:00, the Forum takes place on 13 April. During the exhibition there will be various meetings, lectures, master classes on the topics of Sculpture and Urban space.

Center for Contemporary Art M17, 102-104 Antonovycha Street.

The project is implemented with the support of the Adamovskiy Foundation.

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