“Art for Victory UA” Fund

“Art for Victory UA” Fund

24.02.2022 - 24.02.2022

M17 Contemporary Art Center participated in the founding of the “Art for Victory UA” fund!

“Art for Victory UA” is an independent, non-profit, charitable foundation  established by the Ukrainian and international art and culture community with the aim to support and promote the existence and survival of Ukrainian culture in the current state of war conditions which threaten its very existence. 

The Foundation is established to provide comprehensive assistance in the following areas: 

  • the preservation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage which has found itself under the threat of damage or destruction; 
  • support of the restoration and safety of Ukrainian cultural assets; t
  • to help and assistcitizens of Ukraine, in particular artists, people employed within the sector of culture , as well as their families, to survive and continue working in the current conditions; 
  • promotion of Ukrainian culture and arts around the world. 

The Foundation is registered in Czech Republic, Prague, where it operates its headquarters, by joint efforts of the Prevalent Fund (Czech Republic), the Adamovskiy Foundation (Ukraine) and the M17 Contemporary Art Center (Ukraine).



The mission of the “Art for Victory UA” foundation  is to ensure sustainable operation of the Ukrainian cultural sector: institutions, as well as  individuals, as an important prerequisite for the Ukrainian nation’s vitality and unity for the sake of victory against the Russian invasion.

Our goals:

  • Provision of all-round assistance and support for  the preservation of threatened Ukrainian cultural and artistic assets;
  • Support of the development and operations  of Ukrainian cultural institutions and culture in general in  wartime conditions as well as  exile conditions;
  • Relocation of art objects to safety and their preservation;
  • Support of  cultural and art activities worldwide, aimed at spreading awareness about  Ukraine’s fight for freedom and democratic values;
  • Promotion of sustainable development of the Ukrainian cultural sector and supporting it as an important prerequisite for the unity of the nation in the struggle for victory.

Programs of the “Art for Victory UA” fund:

  • Opportunities in the field of culture and arts

The program aims to promote and support the growth of Ukrainian culture and art by organizing and supporting events featuring Ukrainian and worldwide people of culture. We promote exhibitions, seminars, conferences, auctions, concerts, and other events for professional implementation and fundraising in the promotion of the Fund’s announced programs. Your contributions help to save not only Ukrainian cultural representatives, but also support them professionally.

  • Support for institutions

The program provides support for Ukrainian institutions (museums, contemporary art centers, galleries, public collections, etc.). The raised funds are donated to art institutions to help them resume or continue their activities, which have been disrupted by a full-scale war. It is a case of renewing exhibitions, research projects, cultural events, and other activities in secure areas in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Preservation of cultural heritage

Due to the war in Ukraine, the program strives to secure and maintain cultural and artistic treasures (museums, public and major private collections, cultural landmarks, etc.) that must be safely kept, evacuated, protected, renovated, or restored.

  • Support for artists and their families, who participate in fund’s program

The program aims to assist Ukrainian people involved in cultural and artistic activities (artists, curators, art managers, researchers, etc.) and their families in guaranteeing the continuance of their work as a fundamental requirement for the survival of Ukrainian culture.