FRONTIER. New Monuments

FRONTIER. New Monuments

(Українська) FRONTIER

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Frontier is an annual event that takes place in different cities of the country and works with topics of interest of Ukrainian society in several sectors of arts and culture. This year’s theme of the project – Reforming space: New monuments – is about the city and its relationship with art. Artists and artisans are confronted with the question: is contemporary art integrated into the public spaces of Kyiv and Kharkiv? What messages does it bring to the daily life of Ukrainians?


“I believe that art that can transform society and offers positive transformations is art that contributes to the future. That is why we are organizing this event for a country where the virtual world and the art world come together and new meanings and new forms of artistic expression are formed.” 

Kateryna Rai, Project Curator


During the project, the following events will take place: The Frontier VR Art Festival (20-22.09.2019) and Frontier.New Monuments Exhibition (09/20/2019 – 11/17/2019).


Co-organized by the project, the space of M17 Contemporary Art Center will present four unique exhibitions in three realities: virtual, augmented and material. This is the first experience of such events in Ukraine.


“Contemporary artists are actively experimenting with advanced technologies and are creating a whole new level of opportunity for art. M17 Contemporary Art Center is pleased to help involving Ukrainian artists in this experiment. By supporting a project like Frontier, we give artists the opportunity to master new tools for expression, and give viewers the opportunity to have a unique experience.”

Natalia Shpitkovskaya, Director of M17 CAC


In addition, 5 new sculptures by Ukrainian contemporary artists will be presented specifically for the Frontier project – Vasyl Grubliak, Vitaliy Kohan, Oleg Kapustyak, Vitaliy Protoseni and Petro Gronsky. They continue the research of M17 Sculpture Project, which was launched to promote the development of three-dimensional art in Ukraine.


The exhibition was joined by 23 Ukrainian artists including: Alina Kostikova, Artem Volokitin, Vartan Markaryan, Vitaliy Kohan, Vlas Belov, Darina Fez, Ivan Kabanenko, Ilya Novgorodov, Konstantin Zorkin, Ksenia Gnylytska, Mykola Makadashko , Alexander Mamon, Alexey Zolotaryov, Alexey Yalovega, Elena Pronkin, Pavlo Blinokhvatov, Petro Gronsky, Roman Minin, Svetlana Zhitnya, Sergey Nizhynsky, Fax Diana and Shiman Kateryna.


Continuing with the theme of the relationship between the urban environment and the arts, the project will also present AR-exposure in the city. In the public spaces of Kyiv and Kharkiv, locals will find exhibits integrated into the city through AR. To do this, you need to use the application that is available for download on the site and the QR code available on the locations.


The virtual and augmented reality festival will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the VR practices of contemporary artists and to see art objects in the digital environment of the city’s public spaces. In addition, you will find an exposition at the M17 Center for Contemporary Art, virtual and augmented reality art, sculpture, showcases using cultural technologies, performances and meetings with artists, exhibitions, widget performances and VR parties!


The project was executed with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund

Organizers of the project:

ART Optimists Academy of Visual Arts Kharkiv (AVA) 

Congress of Cultural Activists

Project partners:

Adamovskiy Foundation




M17 Contemporary Art Center

Art Cult


Exposition # 1. Hackathon

In July, 23 artists were selected to participate in the hackathon in Kyiv and Kharkiv following the open call of Frontier project. A hackathon is a two-day immersion in solo work or teamwork, using computers and virtual reality helmets to carry out art projects. For most of the participants, the hackathon was the first attempt to interact with modern technologies and make art with their help.

Artists and sculptors, VR artists and 3D specialists, animators and designers, urbanists and curators worked for two days to translate their ideas into virtual reality. 12 works by Hakaton participants were presented at Exposition # 1.

Artists: Alina Kostikova, Darina Fes, Ivan Kabanenko, Alexander Mamon, Alexey Yalovega, Olena Pronkin, Pavel Blinokhatov, Vlas Belov, Svetlana Zhytnya, Faksh Diana and Shiman Kateryna.

Exposition # 2. Laboratory

The lab is a long-term collaboration between artists, urbanists and 3D professionals to create an art object, integrated as augmented reality into the public spaces of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

You can see these 15 objects in augmented reality (AR) in the public spaces of Kyiv and Kharkiv through the app at At M17 exhibition, artists’ projects are presented in VR with glasses and helmets.

VR and AR experiences made possible through the collaboration of Immersense Studio and twelve Ukrainian artists: Artem Volokitin, Vartan Markaryan, Vitaliy Kohan, Vlas Belov, Ilya Novgorodov, Konstantin Zorkin, Ksenia Gnylytska, Nikita Kadan, Mykola Zolytar, Mykola Zolitko Gronsky, Roman Minin.

Exposition # 3. Special project

The special project exposition features works by artists who did not work in a hackathon or laboratory, but whose works were selected by curator Kateryna Rai to present reflections and experiences of Ukrainian artists on the interaction of real and virtual spaces.

Artists: Sergey Nizhynsky; Kateryna Shiman, Anastasia Loiko, Olena Klochko, Krolikowski Art, VJ Yarkus, Mikhail Rozanov, Yuri Yefanov (work with Isolation Foundation); Francois Vautier and ARTE Découverte (French Institute in Ukraine), Taya Kabaeva, Andrey Volgin.


Exposition # 4. Sculpture Project

5 new sculptures by Ukrainian contemporary artists were created specifically for Frontier project – Vasyl Grublyak, Vitaliy Kohan, Oleg Kapustyak, Vitaliy Protoseni and Petro Gronsky.