On 30 May, in M17 Contemporary Art Center, there will be the opening of the "Only those things that matter" exhibition by Ukrainian artist Gamlet Zinkivskiy.

"Only those things that matter: this is what I remind myself of many times a day. You don't need that many things to live: you go abroad with a single bag of stuff, and somehow you manage to stay alive without tableware, windowcloth, pole lamps…"

Gamlet Zinkivskiy is a Ukrainian artist from Kharkiv. Born in 1986. He is an urban artist who prefers graphics techniques. He leaves the signature "Gam let" (en "the voices of years") on his works, emphasizing the links between himself as an artist and modern society.

Gamlet creates artworks that become an eyesore to the public utilities in Ukraine. Paintings reminding us of something important. He reminds us about the simple truths that are easy things to lose in the flow of brands, firms, statuses.

At the "Only those things that matter" exhibition in M17 Gamlet Zinkivskiy presents three projects at once:
  • The "Piece of Land" project is a series of drawings dedicated to the century-old plot of land and three generations whose lives have left their mark on it. It is a ten-year period of reflections that grew in hitchhiking and observing the world. The project was the first Gamlet's work in Ukrainian in which he provided a narrative of purely Ukrainian history.
  • The "In Anticipation of War" project is not a thematic collection. It appeared in 2014 when the smell of impending threats to peace hung heavy in the air over the country and there was nowhere to hide from it. In a terrible sense of foreboding Gamlet were unable to get his head straight. The painter began to sort all his stuff and found a collection of old anonymous photos he was buying at the flea markets. "Without me, it's all trash" - he thought. Then Gamlet decided to create a series of collages, put them into a box and bury it in the ground. But he didn't have to bury anything. Gamlet was offered to show these artworks in Austria, and he sent everything there. And after the exhibition closed, he didn't want to take the box back. "I'd like to keep it that way". The box was shipped to Germany a few years later and was returned to Ukraine only in 2018 still smelling of anticipated war.
  • "Polaroids 2015" it's the 365 Polaroid pictures series obtained without a Polaroid. In 2015, Gamlet wanted to take Polaroids all year round but soon realized it was pretty expensive for a rookie to experiment for getting a good shot. Therefore, every evening he'd come home, and took out pieces of paper, and gave it a lick of paint with coffee, and drew the pictures from his cell phone with ink and pen. So here's a visual diary of the painter.
The exhibition will go until June 30th.

M17 Contemporary Art Center, Antonovicha Street 102–104, Kyiv

Supported by Adamovskiy Foundation

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