M17 Contemporary Art Center was opened in summer 2010 in order to support the
development of contemporary art in Ukraine. Solo and group exhibitions, curatorial projects,
pre-auction exhibitions, educational programs, cinema shows, library, media library, lectures
and workshops held in our gallery.
Today, M17 aspires to become the epicenter of contemporary cultural life of the capital of
Ukraine. Center is not only a demonstration of modern culture, production and supports of
Ukrainian art, but also collaborates with foreign artists.
During the revolutionary events on the territory of Ukraine, the Centre strongly supported
Patriotic projects related to the promotion of national ideas of society. The center also
provided financial support for the military, that have suffered as a result of hostilities in the
East of Ukraine.
The last 3 years the centre is actively cooperating with the Austrian cultural forum and
Austrian entrepreneurs, organizing joint projects, dedicated to showcasing contemporary
Austrian art in Ukraine. Also we cooperate with the French and Georgian Embassies.
We wish to form creative generation in Ukrainian – free, educated, intelligent — in the world
of contemporary culture.