Голубева Софія

(English) Installation 30 x 20 x 30
(English) Installation 30 x 20 x 30 (English) 2022, found objects, 30 x 20 x 20 cm
Про роботу

Wild plants now sprout from the sand. For me, these plants are a symbol of Ukrainian strength. They are growing in such difficult conditions only sand and salt water are around. In addition, they state that despite the war they have their own life. This time, I felt a completely new, apocalyptic atmosphere there.

I also noticed the rusty metal structures that have always been part of this seascape. I never thought about what function they performed. But this time, I asked my father. He explained, these are old structures, on which, once, in Soviet times, heavy slates were laid, which created a shadow for beach goers. These structures are ghosts of the Soviet Union, they are only skeletons.

If we decide to “bring them back to life” and placeheavy slates on them, they will break. Here I see an analogy with the imperialist desire of Russia to regain its influence over the former members of the Soviet Union. This is an attempt to restore the old system, to bring back to life what is already dead.

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Голубева Софія
Дата народження: (English) 1997
Місце проживання: (English) Odesa, Uzhhorod

Born in Odesa. Lives and works in Uzhhorod. Member of UCC_Berlin.


MA, National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Fine Art), Kyiv

Kiev Academy of Media Art (Contemporary Art), Kyiv

Odessa Art College of Grekov (Fine Art), Odesa

Sofiia Holubeva is interdisciplinary artist. Sofiia is author of drawings, paintings, performances, installations, and videos.

The artist works with the themes of digitalisation and how technology affects society. Sofiia reflects on the oversaturation of the information space. Holubeva is interested in the history of painting and what exactly constitutes a painting today. She is interested in issues of truth, subjective and objective.

Since 2015, Sofiia has been teaching her art course to children and adults. 2022 in Kyiv, Sofiia opened the space “Nizhniy Val 35” (the place for cultural lectures and meetings with artists).

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