Андронікіду Єва

Для тих із вас, хто не спить цієї ночі
Для тих із вас, хто не спить цієї ночі 50x70cм, цифровий друк, 2021
Про роботу

The good will save the world.

Innocence, nature and feminine power of creation are not a sign of vulnerability, but of strength and courage.  We are on their side.

Beauty will save the world.

Truth will save the world.

Peace will save the world.

“To those of you who do not sleep tonight II”

To Ulysses

Tender nights


When I mourn for a nearby past

Eyes fixed to the moon –






the fleeting idea that I will meet your look

maybe in some distant coordinates, enjoying this starry night

always bleeding the same iris color

and drawing that cowardly line,

the broken one

higher than the earth

I’m afraid you will stare the moon during this tiny second

that takes for a momentary blink of the eyes

and I will be out of time

Thick night

with an O in the background,

in the steep ravine nailed from above

like a dizzy pendulum

an aura of nostalgia

and a strange smell

which though no longer resembles to anything known and familiar

standing as a stranger


I’m yelling at you

I’m yelling at you without a voice

I’m breathing without sound

I’m breathing without air

I’m yelling at you breathing

And the electric dust


gives space

to a light pale and helpless

Women will apply lipstick to the scratches of a forgotten escape

A suspicion of oblivion over the eyes

In this city of spiral surrender

We breathe soundlessly

more and more pleadingly

in the solitude of We

in the company of I

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Андронікіду Єва
Дата народження: (English) 1984
Місце проживання: (English) Athens

Eva Andronikidou (Athens, 1984) is active as a freelance architect, stage designer, visual artist and actor, publishing articles, announcing at conferences and participating in exhibitions, theater productions, artistic programs and other projects internationally. She is a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture of N.T.U.A., and studied Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.), Architecture (N.T.U.A.), Landscape Architecture (U.P.C.) and Acting (LaCasona, Barcelona).

Currently, she is a tutor at Erasmus Mundus Joint Master ALA Architecture Landscape Archaeology.  Due to her engagement with different creative fields, Eva’ work is expressed in various formats, mediums and scales. Every project is a field of research that may lead to a final product or not. Her work seeks to mobilize emotion alongside active thinking, which is why it often deals with actual issues: science, refugees, the environment, the pandemic, diversity. In contrast to this tangible reality, she explores the small, invisible, imperceptible, unacknowledged things that inhabit the imaginary and connect us through our vulnerable side: error, the escapist-inescapable dichotomy, trauma, weakness, desire. The real starts from the space, which is shaped with terms of topiography, whereas the imaginary triggers the synthesis of situations that escape reality.

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