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Discussion “Ukrainian Contribution to Avant-Garde”

22.02.2019 -

Participants: Oleg Ilnitsky – Professor of Literary Studies, Specialist in Ukrainian Futurism, Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta, Canada; Myroslava Mudrak – art historian, professor of Ohio State University, author of the book “New Generation and Artistic Modernism in Ukraine”, USA; Myroslav Shkandrii – Professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba, author of publications on Ukrainian avant-garde, curator, Canada; Vita Susak is a PhD candidate, independent researcher, member of the Swiss Academic Society for Study of Eastern Europe (SAGO), Ukraine-Switzerland.

Moderated by: Dmitry Gorbachev – art critic, avant-garde researcher.

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Lecture by Oleg Ilnitsky:

Lecture by Oleg Ilnitsky: "National and Imperial Discourses of Culture, or Where Are the Legitimate Frontiers of Ukrainian Avant-Garde?"

20.03.2019 -
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