20.01.2021 M17 Sculpture Prize nominees: Vasyl Grublyak (Kyiv)

The entry is only available in Ukrainian for now.

M17 Sculpture Prize M17 Sculpture Project
08.10.2020 M17 Sculpture Prize nominees: Vlad Goldakovskiy (Kyiv)

Vlad Goldakovskiy was born in Kherson in 1982. He studied at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and has been…

M17 Sculpture Prize M17 Sculpture Project
30.09.2020 Oleksiі Bosenko’s book Free Atonality was presented at M17

On September 26th, within the exhibition “Untimely” by Viktor Sydorenko, a presentation of the book by the philosopher Oleksiy Bosenko “Free…

Несвоєчасне. Віктор Сидоренко
18.09.2020 Opening of the exhibition Untimely // Report of STB TV channel

“Will your attitude change, if you find out that the picture you thought was old, has been actually intentionally aged? It…

Несвоєчасне. Віктор Сидоренко
03.09.2020 (Українська) M17 Sculpture Prize: Номінанти розпочинають реалізацію об’єктів

Ми раді повідомити, що разом із номінантами премії M17 Sculpture Prize поновили активну фазу підготовки проєкту! Вже днями митці стануть до…

M17 Sculpture Prize M17 Sculpture Project
14.07.2020 M17 is open again!

HOORAY! After looong months of quarantine, the M17 Center is finally back to gallery tasks! From July the 14th, we are…

Voices of Love
12.07.2020 REFORMING THE SPACE II International Sculpture Forum. Announcement

REFORMING THE SPACE II is a forum, aimed to use contemporary art of sculpture and installation to show the way artists…

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