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Tilman’s lection “CCNOA/DAC- a shared experience”

18.07.2019 - 18.07.2019

Tilman is a German-born artist who, together with Mrs Petra Bungert, in 1998 founded the CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art) in Brussel, Belgium. The CCNOA was one of its first kind in the world, focusing especially on the promotion of contemporary tendencies within the realm of the reductive and/or non-objective genre.

Shortly after its closing in 2010 in Italy Tilman opened the new experimental art-space, DAC, for realizing strictly site-specific projects.

Besides, since 2016 Tilman and Cora von Zezschwitz are collaborating on site-specific propositions. In this way, they are researching, exploring and challenging the phenomenon of influence of the spatiality on our daily life, socially, mentally and physically.

The “CCNOA/DAC – a shared experience” exhibition proposed by Tilman for the Big Circle international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective art at the M17 aims to visually review CCNOA’s history and to DAC’s ongoing activities.

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