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French-Ukrainian VR-festival “Virtualité”

French-Ukrainian VR-festival “Virtualité”

03.12.2020 - 04.12.2020 Buy a ticket
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Since 2017, French Institute and a network of French cultural institutions abroad have been holding an international festival of digital cultures called “Digital November” in various countries around the world.

This year, the French Institute in Ukraine joins this program for the first time, holding a French-Ukrainian VR-festival “Virtualité”.

The work of Jan Kunen “Ayahuasca”

During 2 days at M17  you can get acquainted with bright VR-works of French and Ukrainian production, which confirm the dynamic development of this modern industry, the high professionalism of the studios and the creative potential of this new resource.

Among the eight VR experiences, you will also be able to see two experiences by Jan Kunen “Ayahuasca” and “-22.7 ° C”, which will take you to the depths of Amazon jungle, where you will discover the mysterious shamanic practices of Shipibo tribe, and also to the very heart of Greenland, where you will go with a musician named Molécule in search of a sound harmony. From Ukrainian side, the program includes Alyona Stuliy’s film “Babyn Yar”, which will offer you a historical VR-reconstruction of this horrible crime committed in 1941.

4.12.2020 The first French-Ukrainian VR festival is taking place in Kyiv // Suspilne Media

The first French-Ukrainian festival of VR-art "Virtualité" will take place on December 3-4 in the Kyiv Center for Contemporary Art "M17".

4.12.2020 A French-Ukrainian VR festival has started in Kyiv // Bird In Flight

Only a few such festivals are held in the world: within the framework of the Venice Biennale, VRHAM in Hamburg and Cinequest in San Jose, USA.

2.12.2020 Residents of Kyiv get acquainted with virtual worlds // Vechirniy Kyiv

The first French-Ukrainian VR festival "Virtualité" presents 7 bright VR-works of French and Ukrainian artists of this innovative field.

01.12.2020 The first French-Ukrainian VR festival "Virtualité" // Telegraf Design

French-Ukrainian VR art festival will take place in Kyiv

30.11.2020 VR-festival Virtualité at the M17 Center for Contemporary Art // 112.UA

From Ukrainian side, the program includes Alyona Stuliy's film "Babyn Yar"