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International Forum “The New Generation: The Artist and His Genesis”

International Forum “The New Generation: The Artist and His Genesis”

21.02.2019 - 24.02.2019
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Avant-garde is the most radical manifestation of modernism, aimed at inventing a new visual language and moving beyond art into the realm of life and its transformation. Understanding contemporary art is impossible without knowing the fundamental changes that took place at the beginning of the 20th century. Ukrainian native, Kasimir Malevich, who along with Marcel Duchan laid the vectors for the development of contemporary art of the 20th century, play an exceptional role in these changes.

International Forum commemorating the 140th Anniversary of Malevich brings together art, avant-garde and avant-garde scientists from all over the world. The forum includes activities designed for professional audiences (reports, panel discussions, roundtables) and events for the forum audience (introductory lectures, demonstrations, excursions). Additional events will include the premiere of the movie “Malevich” (FRESH production, Ukraine, 2017), the presentation of the collection of materials “Casimir Malevich: Kiev aspect”, as well as concerts, performances and thematic excursions. And on February 23, we will celebrate the 140th anniversary of Casimir Malevich. Malevich’s figure is a landmark in the world of avant-garde art and at the same time has a close connection with Ukrainian culture.

Forum participants include Tatiana Filevska (founder and director of the Malevich Institute), Jean-Claude Marcade (Honored Director of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France), Dmitry Gorbachev (avant-garde researcher), Konstantin Akinsha (art historian, Hungary), Christina Lodder (President of The Malevich Society, United Kingdom), Myroslava Mudrak (author of New Generation and Artistic Modernism in Ukraine, USA), Oleg Ilnitsky (Specialist in Ukrainian Futurism, Canada), Sheng Sheien (Director of the Khardzhieva-Shagi Foundation, Netherlands), Mirosla Shkandriy (Professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba, Canada), Andriy Boyarov (Curator and Researcher, Lviv, Ukraine), Vita Susak (Member of the Swiss Academic Society for Eastern Europe Studies (SAGO), Ukraine-Switzerland), Alexander Kaiser (Archipenko Foundation) Matthew Stevenson (Archipenko Foundation, London), Sophia Dyak (Director of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe), Yevgeny Molyar (art critic, participant of the DE NO DE initiative), Oksana Barshinova (curator, lecturer, National Museum of Art of Ukraine), author ku Su lectures about avant-garde, curator, National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery”), Natalia Shpytkovska (Director of the Center for Contemporary Art M17).

(Українська) 28.02.2019 Lemonade Style

(Українська) 18.02.2019 CHERNOZEM

(Українська) 08.02.2019 Мой Город Киев

(Українська) 18.02.2019 КРИТИКА

(Українська) 17.02.2019 INTV

(Українська) 11.02.2019 LB.ua

(Українська) 19.02.2019 Вечірній Київ

(Українська) 20.02.2019 УкрІнформ

(Українська) 24.02.2019 lenta.ua

(Українська) 25.02.2019 АРТХИВ

(Українська) 25.02.2019 Антиквар

Catalog «Avant-Garde. In Search of the Fourth Dimension” as well as the exhibition of the same name at M17 CAC, on which it was based, tells about the movement of new art in Ukraine in the early twentieth century. Ukrainian artists traveled to other countries to get familiar with futurism, cubism, abstract art and returned back to talk about what was seen in private studios and educational circles, through expositions and texts.

But the movement also developed in the opposite direction: artists from other countries went to iconic Ukrainian locations and personalities, left their own contribution to the development of the local avant-garde and, at the same time, took something from it. In this catalog, movement is presented both as a collective phenomenon and as a personal practice.

The catalog is available at M17 Contemporary Art Center.