The Gaze of the Sun: Aquatoria

The Gaze of the Sun: Aquatoria

Anatoliy Gankevich

23.10.2020 - 25.10.2020 Buy a ticket
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Aquatoria is the first film by Ukrainian artist Anatoliy Gankevich from his new film trilogy The Gaze of the Sun, presented in Kyiv at M17 Contemporary Art Center. The premiere of the film is part of an exhibition project with the same name – The Gaze of the Sun: Aquatoria.

The protagonist of the film Aquatoria is a Disco Ball from the 90s which is also a symbol of the underground club movement and at the same time a visual double of the Sun. Leaving its pedestal at the entrance to Langeron Beach, Disco Ball embarks on a journey. Along the way, it absorbs into its mirrors the reflections of all the opposing characters, uniting them into a single “quantum story”.

The tapes from the trilogy are three times and three elements: past/water, present/fire, future/wind. According to Anatoliy Gankevich, the water that became the leitmotif of Aquatoria prompted the creation of a perfect image in order to make a deep, piercing impression on the viewer. The embodiment of this image, Aqua, in the picture was the world champion in bodybuilding, Kateryna Grima. And this episode was taken as a visual prologue to the entire exhibition project The Gaze of the Sun: Aquatoria at M17.

Anatoliy Gankevich, artist: “The sun pursues anyone who walks along the shore with a glance like a searchlight. Like a holy face from an icon, which seems to be chained to the observer. The solar path is a view of the Sun. The Sun, as a Divine person who looks at everything at once: the sea, the land and me. And I, like all people on earth, just a reflection, a small reflex, a reflection on the water”.

Natalia Shpytkovska, Director of M17 CAC: “The tape splits the consciousness, shifts the focus to the inner. Eventually, your subconscious crumbles into thousands of particles, leaving a mosaic of waves with reflections in each scene. Showing what is hidden deep inside, the artist, as a magician, manipulates the viewer. And this manipulation is designed to cause a certain insight into the viewer”.

Alisa Lozhkina, art critic: “Talking about the new project of Anatoliy Gankevich Aquatoria is like rewriting a dream, a trip to a new state of falling in love, when the world comes to life, and appears to be talking with signs that reality is something else and manifests with the beauty of being”.

In addition, an exhibition of the author’s works, in tune with the film, will be held in the halls of the Center. Among them are a series of photographs, as well as new paintings “Aqua”, “Self-portrait with disco ball”, triptych “Aquatoria”.

Anatoliy GANKEVICH is a Ukrainian artist from Odesa, a representative of the “new Ukrainian wave”. As an artist, he became famous for creating paintings in a unique technique – imitation mosaic. He has been directing for many years. He left a noticeable mark in the history of domestic video art.

(Українська) Прем’єра фільму «Акваторія» проходить в М17
з 23 жовтня по 25 жовтня 2020 року

Години роботи Центру:
11:00 – 21:00


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26.10.2020 In Kyiv, Odessa artist showed the film, which was shot in Langeron // USI Online

The Center for Contemporary Art M17 showed the film "Aquatoria" by Anatoly Gankevich. Available in Russian

21.10.2020 The art project "The Gaze of the Sun" will be presented in the capital // Vechirniy Kyiv

From 23 to 25 October at the Center for Contemporary Art M17 premiere of the film "Aquatoria" by Anatoly Gankevich. Available in Ukrainian