M17 Sculpture Prize nominees: Andrii Kyrychenko (Kyiv)


Andriy Kyrychenko was born in 1982 in Kyiv. At the Kyiv College of Communications and the State University of Information and Communication Technologies, he obtained a technical specialty – 6 years of study, which the artist calls coincidence in his biography. Coincidence, which, however, now has a certain imprint on the clay. He has a long acquaintance with clay.

“I have been in a relationship with ceramics since I was nine, since I started studying at the Kyiv Children’s Art School on the 10th. When I turned eleven, my first teacher, Petro Trotsak, discovered pottery for me.”

After graduating from high school, Andrew met a classmate Lisa from art school. She studied ceramics professionally.

“Since then, this love triangle has defined me – ceramics, Lisa and me. So the answer to the question that pushes me to do what I do is love. “

The first exhibition of works, together with Lisa Portnova, took place in 2012 at the Ivan Kavaleridze Workshop Museum, Kyiv.

“By this time, I had about ten years of work in my own workshop. It was interesting to do everything. Sometimes up to two tons of clay a month passed through my hands. So, there was enough practice to enter into a dialogue with the material and even make my own small discoveries. “

And then there was participation in many other projects, most of which are international.

“Since 2014, I have been participating in all possible international competitions, exhibitions, residences and unions outside Ukraine. Ukraine needs an international cultural image, because the world is only interested in a culture that can enrich world culture. Besides, I think now everyone who does not hold a weapon in their hands should do everything so that the shed blood is not in vain. But these are tasks that I “cut” for my work. She sets me tasks no less. “

Andriy entered the shortlist of nominees for the M17 Sculpture Prize with the “Books” project.

The author describes the concept of his project: “Cultural self-identification of nations creates a powerful barrier in the world community, which has long since crossed the line of geographical borders. But communication continues to be exploited through stereotypes that limit understanding of contexts. The context of the local language of any region of the world is hidden for understanding in other parts of it. It is a cultivated abyss that divides society. And even if you know the language of “this” region, you still do not turn the page of “this” book.

Marianna Wagner, an expert of the Award Selection Jury, comments: “This erratic, changeable work, which will be very interesting for the residents of the region, is about time. It will change over time since it is installed in space. Of course, the objects must first be placed outside and be outdoors for some time. But later they can be moved. Once they are dried and fired. Coincidences, communication and limitations of understanding are the processes that are considered in this work in a performative and very convincing way.



“Blanket” series: 1 – “Dragged blanket”, 2017; 2 – “Monarch”, 2018. Ceramics

Fruit # 2. From the series Fruit, 2019. Ceramics

Triptych “Art History”:
I – “Censorship” (1); II – “Destruction of censorship”, two options (2, 3); III – “Contemporary Art” (4, 5)
Ceramics. The series was created in 2018

You will be able to see in what form Andriy Kyrychenko’s “Books” will be embodied at the exhibition of works by N17 nominees Sculpture Prize: Roots and Pollen at CAC M17.


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