M17 Sculpture Prize nominees: Anna Taradina (Kharkiv)


Anna Taradina was born in 1998 in the Kharkiv region. She graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, is a two-time graduate of the School of Performance in Lviv, a graduate of the Kharkiv School of Non-Directed Actions, which is also about performance. When asked why she decided to embark on an artistic path, she answers:

“And I didn’t decide, I was just on it. And when the opportunity arose to get out of it, I realized that this was the right path, and that I needed to follow it. ”

Anna is engaged in graphics, sculpture, installation, land art, performance. All these practices direct the author’s thought and body to clarify spatial relations.

“I often work with space, create works that interact directly with it. For me, this is the best way to express myself. Space influences my works, and my works, in turn, reveal this space. ”

Anna’s work is a first-person story. The artist does not seek to change society with it. But to be as honest as possible and in this to get the truth for yourself and those who want to share its discovery.

“I want what I have created to simply exist in this world. What I do is my personal analysis and dialogue with others. I create it, and then it already lives its life. ”

Anna entered the shortlist of nominees for the M17 Sculpture Prize with the Herbarium project.

The author describes the concept of her project: “The installation was created while working with the Kharkiv National University Botanic Garden collection. It is an alternative to a herbarium that scientists gather to study plants. The ‘Herbarium’ is another method for examining the flora, learning it through form and tactility.

Plant collecting is a very intimate process of communicating with nature, a special moment when people pay attention to natural structures and begin to really fully notice the world we are constantly in. In an effort to preserve this fleeting moment of unity with nature, we hide it on our bookshelves.”

Marianne Wagner, an expert of the Selection Jury of the Prize, comments on the project: “The installation’s aesthetics is pointing to laboratory processes and situations. This could be a good starting point to think about sculpture in the city space in general and to reflect on the question of what an organism needs for its development. The performative qualities of this work and the opportunities to connect with institutions on-site (like a botanical garden) make it very interesting to follow up this idea and to see how the artist can intensify discussions about sculpture and communication processes (and how artists can do it in general).”




“Gudabi”. Group project implemented within the land art festival “Mythogenesis”, 2017.
Team: Rodion Prokhorenko, Anna Guridova, Alina Rusakova, Anna Taradina, Elena Menzhulina, Svetlana Kosheleva, Dina Chmuzh, Lisa Krichkovskaya, Violetta Nagornaya, Ksenia Bezyazychna

“LITHIUM SONYAN”, 2018. Ice, sunflower seeds.
Team: Svitlana Kosheleva, Rodion Prokhorenko, Anna Taradina

“Gates”, 2018. Cement, gypsum, iron

“Projection of another”, 2017. Curatorial project of Elena Menzhulina and Anna Taradina, implemented within the competition of young curators “Without a jury and without awards” in the gallery COME IN, Kharkiv

“Metamorphosis” at the Center for Contemporary Art “YermilovCenter”, 2019. Chernozem

You will be able to see in what form Anna Taradina’s “Herbarium” was embodied at the exhibition of works by N17 nominees Sculpture Prize: Roots and Pollen at CAC M17.

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