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M17 Sculpture Prize nominees: Lokatyr Bogdan & Zhurunova Margaryta creative group


Margarita Zhurunova is from Vinnytsia, born in 1994. Bohdan Lokatyr is from Lviv, born in 1993. The reluctance to establish oneself in concrete forms and limits, the search for freedom of expression, seems to be the same thread of Ariadne that leads this creative union. Their artistic practices lie in the planes of different types of art: artists work in parallel with the natural environment as an art object (land art) and with printed graphics. Similarly, they, nomads, can only be tied to a certain geographical point conditionally.

Margarita and Bohdan met while studying at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv, at the Department of Book and Easel Graphics. But the gluten of the tandem, they say, was land art. In the second year of the Academy, they went together to the winter land art festival “Mythogenesis-2015”, where they created a joint work, the first for both in this artistic direction.

“Land art has become a revelation for us, students of small format graphics – its scale, scope, freedom, a completely different way of speaking.”

Since then, artists have been actively involved in land art festivals and symposia.

“Some of the most interesting Ukrainian artists of today come to the land art festival. Evening discussions at the Land Art Symposium “Border Space” in Mogrytsia gave us a greater and deeper understanding of contemporary art than all the years of academic study. Work in the curatorial group of Konstantin Zorkin, also in Mogritsa, also gave us a lot. All this is exactly what shaped us as artists, shaped our artistic position (which, of course, is still work in progress).

Plans for the future include a move towards cross-media and the search for new opportunities to express one’s own ideas.

“We hope to make our creative activity more integral, to combine our book practices with land art. For example, we have already created several diverse artbooks dedicated to land art festivals. ”

Bogdan Lokatyr and Margarita Zhurunova were shortlisted for the M17 Sculpture Prize with the project “No / Intervention or Object from Nature”.

The authors about the concept of their project: “As painters or graphic artists copy the works of outstanding masters in order to achieve mastery in their genre, so we decided to recreate the work of the most outstanding master in the art of the environment. And to draw the attention of others to the beauty [of the place] that we ourselves saw in it. ”

Lisa Parola, an expert of the Award Selection Jury, comments: “Bohdan Lokatyr and Margarita Zhurunova explore the relationship between the relative and the absolute, using mirrors and basic geometric components of the landscape to create interesting repetitions. Arranging forms according to small parts of earthly or celestial sequences, they work at the intersections of minimalism, conceptual and terrestrial arts, paying attention to the limitations of our position, giving priority to physical awareness and placing the content of the art project in the viewer.


“Perekotypole of the XXI century”, 2017. Designer plastic cups.
Created as part of the land art festival “Spider Web”, Odessa

“Substitution”, 2018. Created within the land art symposium “Border Space”, Mogritsa.
The topic of the symposium is “Horizon Formula”. Curator: Konstantin Zorkin

“Fear of intimacy”, 2018.
Created within the festival of film and urban planning “86” (land art program), Slavutych

“Return”, 2018.
Created within the festival of film and urban planning “86” (land art program), Slavutych

You will be able to see in what form the “No / Intervention or Object from Nature” by Bohdan Lokatyr and Margarita Zhurunova was embodied at the exhibition of works by nominees M17 Sculpture Prize: Roots and Pollen at CAC M17.


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