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Community of Independent is an avant-garde artistic group that consisted of Odesa artists in the early twentieth century. Independents followed different directions and trends, did not recognize the jury and proclaimed creative independence. The works of artists were influenced by the works of masters of Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism and German Expressionism.

Proclaimed in the name of the community “independence” testified to the desire of artists to get rid of the standards of classical painting and the evaluation of art critics. This desire can be characterized by imitating the trends of progressive European art. Odessa Independents organized numerous group and personal exhibitions of artists who were part of the association.

A significant number of works and graphics were preserved by the collector J. Peremen. In 2010, 86 works were purchased at the Sotheby’s auction by the Ukrainian Avant-Garde Foundation in Kyiv. In this catalog you can see the collection.

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