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The Opening of Hamlet Zinkowski’s Exhibition “Only those things that matter”


Yesterday Hamlet Zinkowski’s Exhibition “Only those things that matter” was opened. Thanks to everyone who came for their contribution in creating that extraordinary atmosphere. Don’t stop!

We are waiting for you at exhibition by Hamlet who is one of those artists who by their actions change the picture of the social environment in Ukraine.

In the public consciousness, cultural institutions and street art are usually separated. However, M17 exhibition and Hamlet Zinkivsky once again prove that there are many intersection points between them. Both of these constructs, with the help of their iconic toolkit, describe a multidimensional, but one reality, within which we all exist.

“I am not inclined at all to regret something, to envy someone, because I am happy every day of my life, and without a certain amount of mistakes I would not have reached this state.
Only sometimes do I envy musicians who only need trumpets or violins in their craft. I regularly increase the number of items in this world. It is good that they are at least not stamped and do not take up much space in our little universe.”

Hamlet Zinkivsky,

Hamlet presented one of M17 exhibits – his visual diary – in  Whitebeard Blackbird space. “Polaroid 2015” is an expanded roll with film about one year of life. 365 drawn frames in memory of the crumbs that keep us awake and disappearing, sifted through memory sieve. Someone’s glove. Swallow flying in the sky …

The exhibition runs till June the 30th, 2019

M17Contemporary Art Center, Antonovicha st., 102–104

The project is executed with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation

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