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How does the art museum sound? / M17 in Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier’s project


M17 CAC became part of an international project called This Is Not a Love Song by Australian artists Chanelle Collier and Joe Wilson, who we met during our summer non-objective BIG CIRCLE international “cycling”.

The project is a sound archive consisting of 15-20 minute recordings made at the premises of major museums around the world, such as Tate Modern, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and many others.

In terms of remoteness (and even today, self-isolation), “This Is Not a Love Song” project makes it possible to combine the impression of visual content presented online with a true sound of a museum. That is usually missing to feel the effect of presence.

Seeing this romantic note, we asked the artists why, after all, is it not a love song?
“Because it is not dedication or a tribute to the museum [specific or a Museum as an institution format]. This is a study of an individual approach to the institutional. The Museum has been used as a point of focus because it is a historically composed institutional structure with which all of us, the artists, are personally connected. Instead, sounds are an escalation of something intimate that is inherently linked to space. And therein lies an acknowledgement of our own efforts to engage with [museum/gallery] space and what it stands for… However, this project also forms connections between remote places, cultures, intimate relationships with our very isolated home in Australia. It enriches us a lot, and so, sometimes, I feel like the archive is a “love song”, in a way. Although it wasn’t intended to be in the beginning”, said Chanelle Collier.

Work on the project is ongoing and the online collection of all sounds has not yet been created.

But! You can already listen/remember M17 sound!
We invite you!

You can find out more about “This Is Not a Love Song” project on the artist’s website and in the following file.

We are grateful and sending our best wishes of success to Chanelle Collier and Joe Wilson and to all who was and is with us!

Special thanks to an artist Serhiy Popov, a member of the Kyiv Non Objective art association, for organising communication and further assistance.

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