Natalia Kushnir

Home, but not house
Home, but not house 180x400 cm, acrylic, enamel, canvas
About the artwork

“My work is called ‘Home, but not house,'” says Natalia Kushnir, a resident of SRZ-2 and a participant in the exhibition, “Swimming Was Not Allowed in the Plant’s Aquatorium.” – It is made as scenery for the theater. Many people who came to us at SRZ-2 had the false impression that we are just resting here, swimming in the sea every day, doing nothing, and holding parties all the time. Although, in fact, we often did not even have time to go to the beach or just see the sea. I think the artists at SRZ-2 worked as hard as the former workers of this plant. I used a form of scenery, which depicts an idyllic picture of the beach, problematizing the perception of the activities of artists in our country.

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Natalia Kushnir
Date of birth: 1999
Place of residence: Odesa

The artist who creates scenic, sculptural items and installations. The work’s main focus is a man and his direct participation in social life, as well as techniques of survival and observation of individuals. Reworking conventional plots by reimagining things and their functions, utilizing them in ways other than the promised functionality, and stressing the difficulties. This is further aided by the materials utilized, which are typically repurposed materials and street relics. At the SRZ in Odessa, Natalia is a commune member.

She studied at Odessa Art School. She is currently studying in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture’s Faculty of Painting.

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