Kovach Olena

Mass for the lost house, or Routes of displaced persons
Mass for the lost house, or Routes of displaced persons Video performance of photo performance, 15’42 ’’, 2020
About the artwork

The action took place on the beach of the Baltic coast with the participation of the Krakow theater “Teatr52Hz”, which acted as a spectator and at the same time a border, which moved, each time squeezing the fugitive. A fugitive, a refugee, a displaced person (in continuous mode) makes his way somewhere into the unknown, trying to build a new life somewhere outside the house.

The artist’s job is to get out of statistics, geopolitical considerations and try to stand next to the victim of these territorial changes and movements. Displaced persons. Where? How? What conditions accompany these movements? The man who lost his home was moved into obscurity.

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Kovach Olena
Date of birth: 1982
Place of residence: Lutsk


She graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Decorative Arts and Design. Boychuk, studied photography at the Institute of Film and Television (KNUKiM, Kyiv).

Art practice:

The artist works mainly with long-term projects, combining different media. Experiments with combining photographic material with other visual languages; in particular, in recent projects he explores the interdisciplinary possibilities of photography at the intersection with theater, performance. Works with topics related to historical memory (collective and individual), the processes of forgetting, traumatic experiences and the principles of identity formation.

Group exhibitions:

Participated in festivals Gogol Fest, Vizii (Kyiv), OdesaPhotodays (Odessa, Kyiv), Krakers (Krakow), Do trzech razy sztuka (Poland, Hel peninsula), photo book festivals with a pilot edition of the photo book “Wild Field”. Scholar of the program of the Ministry of Culture of Poland Gaude Polonia in 2020. Lives and works in Lviv and Krakow.

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