Kuzyura Olha

My game
My game Sizes vary; installation, thistle; 2021
About the artwork

People gains a new experience of existence on the verge of completing one world and transitioning to a new one. The lack of models to follow leads to confusion and despair. In a globalized and fragmented world, the concept of linearity of time has lost its relevance. Every moment can become a new starting point. This excess of freedom of choice undermines the existential security of man. Personal responsibility for the strategy of existence has increased, which had led to the need to find a new constant. Recourse to movement, constant action is no longer a civilizational decision, but the only way to maintain balance.

Everyday effort to build one’s own world is a constant game that cannot be stopped. The speed with which matter moves to chaos does not allow to stop – a pause is dangerous. The garden, as a place of safety, is kept alive only by constant care. To balance it, we have to constantly remove the excess, remove weeds every day.

The project consists of a large-scale installation of thistles – which is a counter-volume, a counter-form of this garden. This negative matter is the starting point of the garden, it is a potential form, which for some reason did not go to the final volume, did not enter the category of beautiful. With the development of the garden, its counter-form, structurally and energetically polar matter grows, which is the main experience of the artist, man today.

The main material of the installation is thistle / burdock / thistle – a common prickly weed, which is endowed with strong negative properties, as one that can scare away the souls of the dead and devils, is considered unnecessary.

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Kuzyura Olha
Date of birth: 1990
Place of residence: Lviv


In 2013 she received a master’s degree in design at the National University of Forestry. From 2013 to 2016 she studied at  Lviv National Academy of Arts. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2017.

Artistic practice:

Olha Kuzyura works with visual arts, text, in the fields of experimental and easel graphics, painting, installation. Author and participant of numerous projects in Ukraine and abroad, in particular in the USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Croatia. She has experience working in international residences in Ukraine and abroad. In her artistic practices he turns to autobiographical motives in the context of collective self-consciousness. Working with the phenomena of collective and individual memory, Olha Kuzyura explores the lines in his own history.

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