Belov Vlas

Mussels AR object. Location: M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum, Universytetska Street, 5, Kharkiv
About the artwork

The mussels are a symbol of cleaning the seas. It is an audio-light composition, an abstract structure with many variations for interpretation by the viewer, which reflects metamodernism. The topic deals with virtual audio cleaning, media ecology and environmental issues.

The sculpture enables a person in noisy downtown to listen to the sea, and thus to be distracted from the audio hustle and bustle, to think about the eternal… Vlas Belov was inspired by the Black Sea. From his childhood mussels have been mysterious creatures with tender flesh and an impenetrable shell for the artist.

The site near Kharkiv Historical Museum is a reference to the ancient Pannonian Sea that existed in Ukraine about 10 million years ago during the Miocene period. And this is also a reminder of the Black Sea.

FRONTIER: New Monuments exhibition & FRONTIER VR Art Festival
Exposition #Laboratory

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Belov Vlas
Date of birth:
Place of residence: Kharkiv
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