Daria Alyoshkina

Seeds 300x120 cm, 300x100 cm, 300x85 cm, paper
About the artwork

“This work is dedicated to cultivating the traditions in the context of modernity and awareness of national and ethnic affiliation through the prism of art. I also would like to emphasize the use of eco-materials for the art object – one panel is made of paper, which was made in Ukraine from the fallen leaves. The technology of the young inventor Valentin Frechka proves that the leaves from the parks can be useful if it is processed properly. In addition, this paper is suitable for manufacture of containers and packages, so the invention will help reduce the amount of plastics and plastic bags, and this is extremely important for both Ukraine and the world. In the center three paper compositions are the image of a woman-guardian, who is the main carrier of information: she preserves it and passes it on to the new generations. The silhouette of this woman is woven with lace with symbols-codes, which we meet in traditional Ukrainian towels, carpets, easter eggs. The woman guardian is depicted in three emotional states – “the one who sows”, “the one who protects” and “the one who gives birth”. In a combination of plant motifs, I make the accent on the closeness of the nature to the human – this is the resource that restores our strengths. Our future lies in understanding the values of the traditions and heritage of the past, passing them on to our descendants, as well as in the harmony between the civilization and nature”.

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Daria Alyoshkina
Date of birth: 1982
Place of residence: Kyiv

She was born in Kyiv in 1982 in a family of sculptors. Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts. Engaged in sculpture but famous, first of all, for her vytynankas (cutworks). Alyoshkina confirmed the old craft as a type of contemporary art. Her panels were exhibited in Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, South Korea, Canada, and the USA.

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