Roland Orépük

Wall Painting
Wall Painting 250x395 cm
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Roland Orépük
Date of birth: 1950
Place of residence: France

Roland Orépük is one of the most important figures in modern, subjectless art. In the context of the institutional support crisis, Biennale, launched in 2011, gave a significant impetus to the development of this artistic direction. In addition, by inviting more less well-known artists with excellent beliefs in artistic stylistics, Roland has achieved a representative representation of subjectless art, both in geometric and lyrical trends.

The artist himself works in reduction aesthetics. Since 2004, he uses exclusively in yellow and white in his works.

“To simplify, to use a minimum of resources to get the most and be convincing is what I consider to be the perfect definition of reductionism and all my work.”

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