Zhanna Kadyrova

Second Hand. СРЗ-2
Second Hand. СРЗ-2 20x20 cm, digital printing on plexiglass
About the artwork

In 2021, Kadyrova introduced a new stage of the Second-Hand project as part of the exhibition “Swimming Wasn’t Allowed in the Plant’s Aquatorium”.

This was the first large-scale exhibition of works by artists who have recently worked on the former Odessa Shipyard SRZ-2 area, turning it into a unique cultural cluster and transmedia laboratory. SRZ-2 became a symbiotic synergy of sculpture, painting, silkscreen and engineering workshops, music studio, and studio. The conditions that enabled such an organic synthesis and interaction of the arts are unique in Ukrainian art history.

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Zhanna Kadyrova
Date of birth: 1981
Place of residence: Kyiv/Odesa

Zhanna is a sculptor and artist who works in the style of site-specific art, making objects, installations, mosaics, and sculptures. One of her key subjects in her art is urbanization, which is concerned with the transformation of the city’s look. Among Ukrainian critics, Kadyrova was one of the first to experiment with public urban space. According to the artist, this allows continual interaction with the city via research. Her designs are frequently fundamentally dependent on the external world, which includes both physical space and social context.

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