Malyschko Mykola

Sunbeams AR object. Location: the intersection of Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard and Volodymyrska Street, Kyiv
About the artwork

Greeting the morning sun is the basic idea behind the creation of Sunbeams sculpture by Mykola Malyshko. The artist addresses the subject of admiration for his local nature. This minimalistic sculpture radiates the joy of life, optimism, gives love and warmth. It would seem such a simple and familiar thing – the morning glow of the sun. It is gentle, natural, simple and naive, yet extremely important and necessary for every living being.

Light as a symbol of life, the circle of pedestal as a symbol of the sun. Morning light is the light within a man, light as part of creation.

FRONTIER: New Monuments exhibition & FRONTIER VR Art Festival
Exposition #Laboratory

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Malyschko Mykola
Date of birth: 1938
Place of residence: Maliutianka, Kyiv Oblast
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