Buryanyk Vasylyna

Tears That Solidify and Blood That Doesn’t Clot
Tears That Solidify and Blood That Doesn’t Clot 2 parts, each: 1700х1200х1300 mm, glass, metal, fabric. 2020, created with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation
About the artwork

Author about the concept of the project shortlisted for the M17 Sculpture Prize:

“The project is the quintessence of personal feelings concerning the military situation in the country and its tragic essence. It is full of allegories. Everything from the forms of installation, the act of contemplation to the processes has a hidden subtext. The processes in the aquariums illustrate the state of silent despair and contextual helplessness. This is a story about the moments when tragedy and despair are strained to breaking-point. When the extremely high tension at those points leads to perceptual anomalies. What should be dynamic becomes frozen and vice versa. At the same time, the same processes appeal to the static and dynamic nature of ‘roots and pollen’, questioning the unconditionality of these characteristics. The kinetic properties of the installation point to the permanence of movement, the continuation of all the life cycles, despite the drama inherent in personal perception.”

Helen Pheby, an expert of the Selection Jury of the Prize, comments on the project:

“Despite being our biology, the human body is an unknown place to most of us, which the artist is referencing in this work as well as showing how it might be considered as a machine. This is a fascinating work that is very professionally presented, as I would expect to see in an international institution.”

M17 Sculpture Prize

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Buryanyk Vasylyna
Date of birth: 1985
Place of residence: Lviv


She studied fine arts at Shandor Petofi Children’s School of Arts in Uzhhorod (1992–2000). She graduated with honors from the Adalbert Erdely College of Arts in Uzhhorod at the Department of Design (2000-2004, junior specialist degree) and at Lviv National Academy of Arts at the Department of Art Textiles (2004-2010, master’s degree).

Creative focus

The realm of Vasilina’s artistic experiments is textiles. Using its “softening” properties, the artist talks to the audience about the open wounds on the body of reality.

Read more about Vasilina in our article.

Personal exhibitions


– “Wound formation area” at “Dzyga” gallery. Lviv, Ukraine


– “Secret Garden” at the gallery Art Salon “Veles”. Lviv, Ukraine
– “Fine Matter” at the Central Department Store. Kyiv, Ukraine


– Somnium at the gallery Art Salon “Veles”. Lviv, Ukraine


– “Fragments of Organisms” at Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej “Parter” (Galleries of Contemporary Art “Parter”). Lodz, Poland


– “Genres” at the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Selected group exhibitions


– Second National Biennale of Young Art. Kharkiv Ukraine
– Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the founding of the Youth Creative Association “Small Louvre” at the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum. J. Bokshaya. Uzhhorod, Ukraine (also in 2015, 2012)


– “Heritage. Look at Brandt ”, a project of the Dzyga Art Association and the Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku (Center for Polish Sculpture in Orońsk) on the estate of Józef Brandt. Oronsko, Poland
– “Mini-textile” at the gallery “Dzyga”. Lviv, Ukraine
– “Beginning” at the LNAM gallery. Lviv, Ukraine


– Lviv School of Design, Gallery of the Institute of Design. Kalce, Poland


– All-Ukrainian exhibition “Textile” at Lviv Palace of Arts. Lviv, Ukraine (also in 2011)
– “Lviv-ARTextile” at the Museum of Modern Art. Kyiv, Ukraine
– “Ukrainian textile miniature” at the gallery “Dzyga”. Lviv, Ukraine
– Krymsko-Polski Plener Młodych Artystów. Crimea, Ukraine (also in 2011, 2009, 2008)
– “March Cats”, erotic art festival at the gallery “Uzhgorod”. Uzhhorod, Ukraine


– “House: A Century of Change” at the Center for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe. Lviv, Ukraine


– “Kinburn Spit”, land art symposium. Kinburn Spit, Mykolaiv Region, Ukraine
– Ekle-3 International Art Synthesis Project. Uzhhorod, Ukraine


– International plein air of contemporary open-air art Infinity in Russia of the youth organization Kaya West. Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia


– International Youth Symposium of Art Textiles “ArcheNitkaNovo” at the Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art. Lviv, Ukraine


– Ženy ženám (“Women to Women”), international art plein air. Humenne, Slovakia
– XIII. Zalai Nemzetközi Művésztelepek (13th International Art Colony of the Zala County Committee), the final exhibition of the residency for artists. Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

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