Temple of nothing II
Temple of nothing II tiles
About the artwork

The stone construction appears to be robust to external factors, however, it is easy to break. With these words, the MNPL association presented the artwork “Temple of nothing II”, which did not last long. The tiles, which were assembled at the decommissioned SRZ-2 facility, were laid down on the floor of the exhibition area M17 without the use of adhesives. Everyone who stepped on the installation caused it to be ruined.
The pattern of black and white tiles reflects the vector layout of a typical ancient Greek temple: there is a location for ceremonial activity in the center, flanked by columns. If this is the case, Temple of Nothing II’s contribution to secularization processes is the demolition of religiously significant structures and the defilement of their ruins.

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Date of birth: 2009
Place of residence: Odesa

MNPL is an architectural and creative organization based in Odesa that was founded in 2009. Since 2010, its participants have been working in a single workshop. Because the majority of them have an architectural education, their primary activity is architecture. The workshop also serves as a venue for art initiatives. MNPL is interested in a comprehensive approach in which logical architectural design processes are inextricably connected to more free creative activities. Today, the primary cooperative projects of the company include 6 architects, a visualizer, and a graphic designer. The number of participants in various initiatives may vary.

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