Popovych Taras

Time Labyrinth
Time Labyrinth
About the artwork

“The architectonics of the sculptural composition embodies the inseparability of time and space. Their shape refers to Stonehenge or the ‘stone circle’. The circle as an image through which time is understood symbolizes its cyclicity.

The sculpture makes the temporal characteristic visible, ‘materializes’ it. It allows to literally compare the past and the future. The time circle becomes a form of space and ‘seals’ the viewer within itself.

Along with this, the texture and materials of mirrored stelae hint at ‘parallel realities’ and the possibility of going beyond the hermetic space, suggest ways of psychological ‘escape’ through the realization of the moment’s uniqueness.

How does it work? Non-stop cameras record the video and stream live, and after a certain period of time, they also begin to playback the recorded material. That means if you will come to the opening on December 17th, 2020, and see your reflection on the sculptures, then, coming on December 17th, 2021, at the same time, you will see two reflections of yourself.”

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Popovych Taras
Date of birth: 1991
Place of residence: Lviv

Personal exhibitions:


– “Mechanic ballet”, a show of the sculpture by Taras Popovich and the painting by Alyona Kuznetsova at the Bilyy Svit Center for Contemporary Art. Kiev, Ukraine


– “How do you see this color?”, A show of the sculpture by Taras Popovich and the painting by Alyona Kuznetsova at the MASLO art center. Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine


– L SERIES at the borders of the art party Glitch Friday 13 at the shopping gallery “Opera Passage”. Lviv, Ukraine (also in 2015 at the Fortechny Gallery “Bastion”. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)


– “Presence”, a display of the sculpture by Taras Popovich and the painting by Mykola Mudryk at the LNAM Gallery. Lviv, Ukraine


– “Dialogue” at the “Roksolana” shopping center. Lviv, Ukraine

Selected group exhibitions:


– competition of the ice sculptures in Svoboda Avenue. Lviv, Ukraine
– All-Ukrainian Festival of Snow Sculptures. Bukovel, Ukraine (also in 2017, 2015, 2013)


– sculpture exhibition on the territory of the Edem Resort Medical & Spa hotel complex. Strelky, Ukraine


– “Another Face of Turkey. Another Face of the Turkish” in the art center “Dziga “. Lviv, Ukraine


– 162.2, the project of reorganization of the small space with the vicarious mystery of the space of the group of automobile companies Aria Group, near the warehouse of the group 162. Lviv, Ukraine


– 162.1 near the Toyota Center Lviv “Diamond”, near the warehouse group 162. Lviv, Ukraine
– 162 at the LNAM Gallery, at the group warehouse 162. Lviv, Ukraine


– I: O – Koktebel Art Residence 2014. Bahçecik Edition by Helikon Art Center. Bahçecik, Turkey
– Festival of modern ceramics “CeGlina-2014” on the territory of the NSC “Olimpiyskiy”. Kiev, Ukraine
– Festival of culture and art “URBAN Soul”. Fastiv, Ukraine


– XVII Lviv Autumn Salon “Tall Castle” near the Lviv Palace of Artists. Lviv, Ukraine
– Teka Bydgoska (“Bidkozke portfolio”), a project of graphics for literary technicians of Leon Vichulkovsky at the Old Palace of the Palace and Park Complex in Ostrometsko. Village Ostrometsko, Bidkozkiy povit, Poland


– Festival “French Spring in Ukraine”, a competition for the most beautiful bust of Honore de Balzac among students-sculptors of the LNAM. Lviv, Ukraine


– A youth show of modern sculptures  dedicated to Emmanuel Miska birthday at the Lviv Palace of Artists. Lviv, Ukraine

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