Sirous Oleksandr

Bifurcation point
Bifurcation point Multidisciplinary installation, generative animation, video projection, sound performance, neural network, 2020
About the artwork

The first seconds of work are a conditional “blank sheet” on which characters and fragments of environment gradually appear. The trigger for these appearances are the sounds in the exhibition space. “Blank sheet” is transformed into a workspace, divided into elementary social structures (frames) that define the cultural code (animation style) of the characters that appear in them. Regardless of the “desire”, the characters are forced to communicate with each other, forming a sound series and thus provoking the appearance of other characters. This exponential multiplication becomes a cross-cutting theme, a conversation about the irreversibility of events and time.

At the same time coexisting, the characters leave their frames and gradually intersect. But all they are capable of is to reproduce pre-formed behaviors and dialogues that have been formed by a neural network based on the phrases/quotes of world cinema heroes. However, what is initially seen as a fundamental impossibility of communication is actually part of the process of forming a new common reality, in which everyone is a participant.

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Sirous Oleksandr
Date of birth: 1996
Place of residence: Kharkiv/Kyiv


He studied at the Kharkiv Art College at the department painting and at the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts at the department graphics.


In 2017-2018 – curator of the course “New Media Art” at HudpromLoft (Kharkiv). In 2018 – curator of the course “Art of New Media” at the Kharkiv Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2019 he became one of the founders of FRONTIER – VR and AR festival in Kharkov. Since 2019 he has been a teacher of 3D programming at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts.

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