Міжнародний скульптурний форум REFORMING THE SPACE II. Анонс


REFORMING THE SPACE II is a forum, aimed to use contemporary art of sculpture and installation to show the way artists see today reforms in the surrounding space. It is not only about the territory of the city where they are located, but also about the metaphysical, personal space, the space between man and nature, man and the universe. The artists explore how political, geopolitical, cultural and social changes affect global dynamics. Today, in the course of global redistribution of influence spheres and interferences of narratives and meanings, it is important to delve into oneself, to reflect, to ponder, to perform an unbiased analysis of what forms the surrounding space takes. It is useful to question what exactly the new living conditions and rules introduced into the society stipulate. New keynotes, idols, values, what are they like and how consistent are they with ideas and aspirations of humans as the greatest value of a democratic state? Every artist explores this subject in their own way, but all of them are guided by a human being as a lever, a measure, a form, and a reference point.

That will be the second time we run the REFORMING THE SPACE project (see how it was last year). This year, the circumstances led to many changes in the artistic life of all the world, many projects had to reformat their activities online. To avoid a loss of time, we also decided to present part of our REFORMING THE SPACE project online.

As the venue for the online part of the project will serve PANGRAM – an innovative experimental digital space, which will make it possible to plunge into the world of new technologies and objects of three-dimensional art from M17 Sculpture Project. PANGRAM is a joint initiative on strengthening the community and the cultural sector in the country by creating a comprehensive strategy for the development and presentation of a cultural product at the national and international levels. It is a space for the presentation of visual arts and a discussion platform, where the topics, which are important for society and culture, can be covered in the international context.

The REFORMING THE SPACE forum involves a programme of meetings. The subjects touched on will include, inter alia:

A detailed programme of events is expected soon…

The REFORMING THE SPACE II International Sculpture Forum will be held this summer.

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