Sculpture project «Reforming the space»

Sculpture project «Reforming the space»

Nazar Bilyk, Alexey Zolotaryov, Sergey Petliuk, Jaume Plensa

13.04.2019 - 30.06.2019 Buy a ticket
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On April the 13th, the renovated Foundation M17 Contemporary Art Center opens a Sculpture Project «Reforming the Space» featuring works by famous Ukrainian artists Nazar Bilyk, Olexiy Zolotarev, Sergiy Petlyuka, and the star of the world sculpture Jaume Plensa, whose works are presented all over the world: in the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Art Gallery Tate in Liverpool, the New York Museum of Contemporary Art
and others.

«The project «Reforming the Space» aims at using contemporary art sculptures and installations to show the way artists see today reforms in the surrounding space» says the project supervisor Kateryna Ray. – It’s not only about the territory of the city where they are located, but also about the metaphysical, personal space, the space between human and nature, human and the universe. The artists explore how political, geopolitical, cultural and social changes affect the global dynamics.»

On April the 13th we will held a forum devoted to the problems of interaction of public space and sculpture.

The event will be attended by leading experts, representatives of artistic institutions and foundations:

  • Helen Pheby — the Head of Curatorial Programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, an international centre for modern and contemporary art set in 500 acres of historic parkland, five galleries, and an 18th-century chapel. Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of the most famous parks in the world.
  • Stella Ioannou — Arts Consultant: Director Lacuna, Co-Director Sculpture in the City. Stella is founding Director of Lacuna, a London-based consultancy specialising in the development and production of cultural projects. Stella’s background as a trained architect and dancer has informed Lacuna’s process and ability to develop ideas into reality.
  • Lisa Paola — is an independent curator, a consultant at the Mario Mercz Foundation in Turin, who is actively involved in the development of sculpture in Italy. Lisa Parola graduated in History of Modern Art from the University of Turin. She is the co-author of various publications and research works about contemporary art in Italy and particularly on the themes of cultural politics, the system of art and territory.

You can meet them personally at the forum and find out what the modern city sculpture is, and why public art is so important for our cities. We will talk about understanding of conceptual volumetric art, and meet the most powerful contemporary sculptors.

“We wish that people would speak more often about Ukrainian artists on the international arena. We want to harmonize the interaction of public space and sculpture, – says the director of the Center for Contemporary Art M17 Nataliia Shpytkovska. “That’s why we are organizing a Sculpture Forum with the participation of Jaume Plensa and the leading experts in the field of sculpture and architecture, so that they would become acquainted with the contemporary Ukrainian art and our city, would be able to feel it, understand it and help us to develop it. After all, the support of intercultural dialogues and cultural diplomacy is a way to form the European society and improve the surrounding space”.

The opening of exhibition starts on 13th of April at 19:00, the Forum takes place on 13th of April. During the exhibition there will be various meetings, lectures, master classes on the topics of Sculpture and Urban space.

M17 Contemporary Art Center, 102-104 Antonovycha Street.

The project is executed with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation.



Reforming the Space project aims to show how artists view reform today in the space that surrounds them through contemporary art of sculpture and installation, . It is not only about the territory of the city in which they are located, but also about the space of metaphysical, personal, the space between man and nature, man and the universe. Artists are exploring how political, geopolitical, cultural, and social changes affect the global dynamics. Today, in the process of global redistribution of spheres of influence, interferences of meanings, it is important to delve into oneself, to think, to weigh, to make an objective analysis of what forms the space around takes. It is useful to ask what the new living conditions are, what rules are being introduced to the society. What are their new dominants, idols, values, and how much do they correspond to the ideas and aspirations of the greatest value of a democratic state – the people? Each of the artists explore this topic in their own way, but as a basis they all take the person as a lever, as a measure, as a form, as a point of reference.

Jaume Plensa, our star guest, offers to see this world through his own dreams. Work from the series “Private dreams” encourages the viewer to meditate. Closed eyes, calm faces, immersed in their own inner world of images – one of the most famous lines of creativity of the artist. The work harmoniously integrates and completes the expositional statement.