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Collector vs. Artist. Debates ІІІ: Mikhail Tsarev — Arsen Savadov // An Open Opportunity [the video is available]

17.06.2021 - 17.06.2021

The M17 CAC will host the third meeting of the “Collector vs. Artist: Disagreements and Common Ground” series of open debates on June 17, 2021.

Сollector Mikhail Tsarev vs. artist Arsen Savadov

The event is a part of An Open Opportunity project
Languages of the event: Ukrainian and English

What is the nature of the collector-artist relationship? What method do they use to find each other? Is their direct communication possible and is such communication really an a priori condition for dumping the art market? Is it true that collectors’ demand for specific works of art devalues the creative language? Is the collaboration of collectors and artists beneficial to the advancement of culture? And other issues.

About participants:

Moderator: Natalia Shpytkovska, Director of the M17 CAC, art consultant, a researcher at the Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, head of the project An Open Opportunity.

UPD: Hotly debated!
Video of the last, third, meeting of the format “collector vs artist” is available on our YouTube channel!

Is it necessary for Ukraine to have a contemporary art museum to serve as a reference sample; what this “official” sample could or should represent; what has the greatest influence on the decision to select a work for the collection – the desire for systematicity or the caught “flicker” of symbols and the call “zone of obscurity at the moment when it reaches its maximum amplitude” (as Arsen Savadov emphasized)? Collector Michael Tsarev and artist Arsen Savadov, as well as M17 director Natalia Shpytkovska and curator Oleksandr Solovyov, discussed this on June 17 at M17 CAC.

“The mission I see for myself in collecting is especially important for Ukrainian collectors in a country with no contemporary art museums or institutional collections. What will Ukraine look like in a hundred years? We collect art that one day could become sprayed and lost, that is why we store it in private collections. This is impossible in the West. Everything there is very structured: what museums, where, what and when they buy. There are approved lists, states make acquisitions. For instance, the German parliament – the Bundestag – has already made a special decision on the purchase of Joseph Beuys in the 90’s. Ukraine has yet to build its system. Therefore, so far I see this as the task facing local collectors,” said, among other things, Michael Tsarev.

Videographer – Yaroslav Kozak

An Open Opportunity: Ukrainian Contemporary Art from Private Collections project was supported by the Ukrainian Club of Contemporary Art Collectors within the research area of the M17 PROcollection

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