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Critical Museum: The Department of Contemporary Art in Kmytiv Museum

07.12.2019 - 07.12.2019

On December the 7th at 6:00 pm we invite you to the presentation of the project “Attitude gestures” created by Department of Contemporary Art of Kmytiv Museum of Soviet Art with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund.

Heroisation is the main presentation model used by Soviet-era museums. Degreeization is a trend that is being used today to showcase Soviet artifacts. How do you go beyond this narrow paradigm, in which there is only black or white? Critical Museum is an experience of “Attitude Gestures” project.

“Attitude Gestures” is a series of exhibitions and interventions that showcase works based on an active, engaged attitude to issues and problems rooted in Soviet period. The exhibitions were held from June to October 2019 as a demonstration of the results of the work of Kmytiv Museum in the format of a residence, whose participants critically analyzed modern era, in particular the legacy of Soviet era.

The Coordinator of Department of Contemporary Art of Kmytiv Museum, art critic, a participant of the self-organized art initiative DE NE DE – Evgeniya Molyar will tell about the projects of the museum.

The presentation will take place within the framework of “Reporting Project of UCF”, which is conducted by Ukrainian Cultural Fund in cooperation with M17 Contemporary Art Center.

The exhibition part of the project demonstrates a cross-section of ideas that were implemented with UCF in 2019.

The exhibition is open from December the 3rd to January the 19th.

Admission to all events is free!

UPD: video of the event posted on YouTube channel M17 → see here.

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