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KNO | Kyiv Non Objective. Lecture by Tiberiy Silvashi

13.07.2019 - 13.07.2019

July the 13th, 2019 at 14:00


Ukrainian artist, member of the KNO Art Association | Kyiv Non Objective, a participant of international non-objective art project “The Big Circle”, Tiberiy Silvashi, will talk about the tasks and opportunities of contemporary art, and the phenomenon of artistic self-organization using the example of KNO.


According to the artist, painting is one of the forms of language practices in contemporary art. And in view of this, if it seems to us that meaningless pictures do not speak, it is worth mentioning at least that silence is also a form of language. In Tiberiy’s opinion, even in the inability of dialogue is it better to see empty, clean space rather than to be held hostage by other people’s ideas or ideological shackles.


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