“FRONTIER. New Monuments” exhibition

20.09.2019 - 17.11.2019

FRONTIER. New monuments. Art and Virtual Reality Exhibition has been running at M17 Contemporary Art Center since 20th of September.

Frontier aims to show what art is capable of with the latest technology. The project supported by Ukrainian Cultural Fund as an important event in Ukraine.

The focus of this year’s exhibition is Reforming space: “New monuments” – about the city and its relationship with art. This project proposes to revise, analyze society, draw attention to important semantic points, visualize them in artistic objects / solutions, and suggest them as “new monuments” that will replace or be alongside survivors, impoverished, “disappointed” artifacts.

We decided to explore in Kharkiv and Kyiv how contemporary art is integrated into the public spaces that it brings to the daily life of Ukrainians. As a result, the artists created 15 art objects in augmented and virtual reality. Each job is a separate experience. Artists reflect on topics of information glut, affinity with nature, relationships between adherents of society, spiritual crisis, colonization of the cosmos, chaotic construction of one’s life, and more. These reflections are combined into three exposures.

The works presented in Exposition #Lab are the result of a lab where artists, urbanists and 3D specialists collaborated for two months. These objects can be seen in Augmented Reality (AR) in the public spaces of Kyiv and Kharkiv through the application at At M17 exhibition, artists’ projects are presented in VR with glasses and helmets.

Catherine Rai, Curator of Frontier: “Each of the artists in this project proposed their conception of the world, their own value system as a new monument for a modern society. Each artist analyzed the challenges of the city and through them articulated the global problems of society. The new monument is a new concept of outlook, anchored by an artist in a material / digital object, spread across your city. Explore what is today, for the artist, a monumental sense that is worth discovering in art. ”

#Hackathon exhibits the work of 12 members of Frontier hackathon. The task of the artists was to rethink the virtual space and make art more interesting for the modern viewer. Artists, sculptors, VR artists and 3D specialists, animators and designers, urbanists and curators worked for two days to translate their ideas into virtual reality.

Exhibition # Special Project presents works from such institutions as French Institute in Ukraine and Izone.

The exhibition was joined by 23 Ukrainian artists, including: Alina Kostikova, Artem Volokitin, Vartan Markaryan, Vitaliy Kohan, Vlas Belov, Darina Fez, Ivan Kabanenko, Ilya Novgorodov, Konstantin Zorkin, Ksenia Gnylytska, Mykyta Kadan, Mykola Malyshko, Oleskandr Mamon, Alexey Zolotaryov, Alexey Yalovega, Elena Pronkina, Pavel Blinokhvatov, Petro Gronsky, Roman Minin, Svetlana Zhytnya, Sergey Nizhynsky, Faksh Diana and Shiman Kateryna.

Entrance fee:
100 UAH for adults
70 UAH for students and seniors

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Зустрічі на виставці Frontier. Про мистецтво та VR_1.0

Зустрічі на виставці Frontier. Про мистецтво та VR_1.0

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