Meetings at Frontier. Trends in media art.

20.10.2019 - 20.10.2019

On October the 20th at Frontier. New Monuments. Art and VR reality we will talk about the trends in media art, audiovisual art and VR art in particular.

Let’s start the evening with a guided tour of Frontier. At 5:00 pm curator and contemporary art researcher Kateryna Rai will talk about art in public spaces, about 25 artifacts in virtual and augmented reality, sculptures by contemporary artists, and VR / AR as a new tool for artists.

You can also visit exhibition alongside with a tour at 14:00. And if you have children, you have a possibility to take them to a master class Children’s Program: VR Art for Kids.

We will continue the evening with a lecture from the founders of the Blck Box media art studio specializing in jazz, multimedia installations, set design for festivals and events. The studio team worked with the leading Ukrainian techno-festivals and clubs Rhythm Büro, Next Sound festival, Closer, Brave! Factory Festival, Scheme.

At 18:00 George Sagitov and Alexey Tishchenko will talk about the latest trends in audiovisual art, show how digital art,, science art, video art, VR art are used in cultural projects and content creation for mass events. We will discuss the cases of gaging and talk about the possibilities of applying the latest technologies in arts.

At 19:00 an artist Svetlana Zhytnya will begin will tell us about the use of virtual reality in the music sphere, in video clips, in real-time audiovisual performances.

After the lecture, Taya Kabaeva, an animation director and media artist, will present the possibilities of using VR in actuation. 

At 20:00 be a witness of a live performance in virtual reality!


Seats are limited, so sign up:


Ticket price – 100 UAH.

Location: M17 Contemporary Art Center


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