Voices of Love

Voices of Love

Arsen Savadov

09.02.2020 - 30.08.2020 Buy a ticket
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“Voices of Love” – a personal project of Arsen SAVADOV, one of the iconic and provocative representatives of Ukrainian contemporary art.

During this project, visitors will see the premiere of the movie “Voices of Love” (2019), in which the author shows the historic re-enactment of the Marilyn Monroe concert in North Korea (1954) to elevate the morale of the US military. The modern remake of the star tour has been moved to military bases in eastern Ukraine: in Popasna and near Debaltseve. The role of Marilyn is played by opera singer Maria Maksakova and EL Kravchuk. The framing of the project will create a photo story of the design of the absurd travesty show.

“Much has been written about the inconsistency of the ideal dream of a bright future, where everyone will love each other, with a predatory human nature. For example, the ‘sacredness’ of human life in the modern world Giorgio Agamben compares the principle of relations with one’s neighbour to the incident of ancient Roman law, with the lowest level of the Roman social hierarchy where homo sacer – ‘the sacred person’ – could be killed by anyone and this murder was welcomed … Our philanthropy has not really evolved over the past millennia. And here comes the key message of the project alongside with all of Savadov’s work – the voice of love…”

So where and how is our humanity stored so that, in “this deadly love”,” against all odds, the voices of true love are always heard?

Another project will be first shown separately – 11 staged photos from the “Diary of the Drowned Man” (2013) series, which continues the so-called romantic line in Savadov’s work.

The exhibition also includes selected photos from famous projects such as “Donbass-Chocolate”, “Collective Red”, “Book of the Dead”, “Fashion at the Graveyard”, “Commedia dell’arte in Crimea”, “Kokto”, “Underground 2000”, “Angels”.

Arsen SAVADOV is a Ukrainian artist, a key figure of the Ukrainian New Wave in visual art, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 2001, he represented Ukraine at the 49th Venice Biennale, curated by legendary Harald Szeemann. Savadov’s art piece “The Grief of Cleopatra”, created in collaboration with Georgy Senchenko in 1987, is considered to be a starting point for contemporary Ukrainian art.

The exhibition is open until August 30

Tickets can be purchased at the Centre’s ticket office or online (look for the link at the top of page)
Ticket price:
100 UAH for adults,
70 UAH for students and seniors.
National Union of Artists of Ukraine members and ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) participants are entitled to free admission with a suitable document

WARNING! The exhibition has a 16+ age limit

Project Curator – Victoria Burlaka, art historian
Project Coordinator – Natalia Shpytkovska, Director of the M17 Contemporary Art Center
Project partners – Adamovskiy Foundation, ArtCult Foundation
Media partners – НВ, Buro24/7 Ukraine, UA: Культура

Jun 03, 2020 Online exhibition: Voices of Love by Arsen Savadov // bit.ua

Photos that documented the process of filming Voices of Love. The backstage of Marilyn Monroe's concert at nowadays military bases in Donbas.

Mar 31, 2020 Artist Arsen Savadov about pop art, Voices of Love and erogenous zones of art // Vogue Ukraine

How the Voices of Love video performance was filmed. Marilyn Monroe hair colour - platinum or more red? Why is Maksakova in blue and Kravchuk in white? A real concert in front of the military in Donbas or an artistic imitation of the performance? Sincere or "directed" emotions of soldiers? And what that's all about? Svitlana Starostenko once again spoke with the artist about the project and the personal exhibition at M17. Available in Ukrainian and Russian

Mar 22, 2020 "With my talent, I can gain a recognition even on the moon." Lunch with Ukrainian artist Arsen Savadov // NV

Olga Dukhnich had lunch with Arsen Savadov. The conversation menu was not missing a chance to taste Voices of Love – the recent project of the artist, which forced conversations about his return to the forefront of contemporary art. Behind the external pathos, which has become the main subject of criticism was hidden "murderous irony". Do you know, for example, why specifically Maria Maksakova in the role of Marilyn Monroe went to entertain the soldiers in Donbas? If not, read in the following interview! Available in Ukrainian and Russian

Mar 10, 2020 Arsen Savadov: Voice of love and sorrow // Amnesia

Big interview Andrii Boborykin, the publisher of the Amnesia Internet edition, with Arsen Savadov. About the past and the future, about the intellectual and aesthetic threshold for entry into the art of the 90s, transpersonal experience in painting and the author's way of preserving it when working with photography, about Voices of Love and much more. Available in Russian

Mar 9, 2020 Oleksandr Stekolenko about the Voices of Love project // Your Art

Interview with Oleksandr Stekolenko, one of the directors of the Voices of Love video performance. About the peculiarities of working with Arsen Savadov, the role of a director in a project where there is already an artist with his vision, about "contemporary" and "timely" projects, and about his own voice of love among all voices on video. Nastia Kalyta, Editor-in-Chief of Your Art, spoke. Available in Russian

Mar 2, 2020 Arsen Savadov – Voices of Love // ​​UA: Kultura

Arsen Savadov in the program Culture of Dialogue. About provocations, the concept of the Voices of Love project and the invisible to the viewer base layer of "social performance" in his works. Presenter – Ksenia Stuzhuk. Available in Ukrainian

Feb 23, 2020 A few thoughts on the Voices of Love by Arsen Savadov // Your Art

"The showing of the Voices of Love is a space for a specific social game..." Critical Essay by art historian Anna Kaluger. Available in Russian

Feb 21, 2020 Artist Arsen Savadov: "I insult professionally" // Buro 24/7

Interview with the artist, back-to-back with the Voices of Love exhibition at M17 СAC. About that Akela should miss, cross-dressing as working with tautology, about viewers with sausages, gods of the dungeon, priesthood and more. Olexiy Tarasov, Editor-in-Chief of BURO, talked. Available in Russian

Feb 10, 2020 Arsen Savadov's Exhibition at the M17 Contemporary Art Center // JetSetter.ua

Photo report from the Voices of Love project opening

(Українська) Усі роботи з серій доступні у високоякісному друці (поклейка на алюміній).