Collective monochrome № 31


On July 16, during the opening of the exposition # 2 within the Big Circle international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective art (Міжнародний проект non-objective art “Велике Коло”) was held a performance named Collective Monochrome No. 31.

Collective Monochrome No. 31 is the latest of a worldwide series of publicly assisted paintings. First begun in 2005 by Australian artist Billy Gruner, this new work marks the beginning of a 4th series (of 10) to be done in the secondary colour green. A previous 30 paintings have been done within individual cities in three distinct colour series. The first series of 10 were completed in blue, the second 10 in yellow, and a third 10 in red.

Everyone who wanted to be a participant in this publicly assisted contemporary non-objective art project had to print his name clearly for archival research, sign the register and then paint a layer on the canvas.

Look how that turned out.

And congratulations from Billy Gruner to all those who participated! You are now a radical, post-formalist contemporary reductive artist! Welcome to the New Modern Art Movement!

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