Frontier. VR Art Festival. Kyiv. Opening


The first Ukrainian Art and Virtual Reality Festival will begin at M17 Contemporary Art Center on September the 20th! The result of combining art with the latest technology will be available to see at Frontier. VR Art Festival.

Each of the artists in this project proposed his conception of the world, his own value system as a new monument for modern society. Each artist analyzed the challenges of the city and through them articulated the global problems of society. Artists reflected on topics of information glut, affinity with nature, relationships between adherents of society, spiritual crisis, colonization of the cosmos, chaotic construction of one’s life, and more.

“Frontier’s main idea is to offer quality change in culture and society, to create, build, explore by combining the latest technology and art. This year we will talk about the city and its interconnections with art.
The city is a territory of fusion of many meanings, cultures, events, needs of society, and art reflects on its challenges, characterizes, it helps a person to adapt in the city, and at the same time to earn his identity. Art in public space is much more than anyone can imagine, it is intended not to entertain but to induce thought”.

Catherine Rai,
Project Curator

Organizers of the project:
ART optimists
Academy of Visual Arts Kharkiv (AVA)
Congress of Cultural Activists

Project partners:
Adamovskiy Foundation

M17 Contemporary Art Center
Art Cult.

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Presentation of The Big Circle Catalog

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