Presentation of The Big Circle Catalog


Today we presented the catalog of The Big Circle project, which summed up the unprecedented scale of involvement in a project dedicated to contemporary art.
The catalog of the exhibition became a unique documentation of the latest artistic practices rooted in the ideas of Ukrainian avant-garde, which have spread all over the world.

“The International Collaboration Project on  subjectless contemporary art “ The Big Circle” became an organic extension of the course taken by updated M17 Contemporary Art Center in late 2018, picking up the ideas of Ukrainian avant-gardists. Thus, the importance of artistic experiments in the subjectless art lies not only in the artistic dimension. Their practice of abandoning the image of an object is the search for alternative ways of communicating with the world, the desire to find the primary intuition lost with the end of the pre-linguistic period in human history.

M17 Contemporary Art Center seeks to promote, on the one hand, the integration of Ukrainian society into cultural processes of contemporary world and, on the other, to preserve its own national and cultural identity in the context of globalization. That is why the Big Circle project is also an actual demonstration of the possibilities of continuing the traditions by other means, taking into account the conditions and requests of nowadays.

We thank the KNO Art Association | Kyiv Non Objective, curators and artists of Reflex Wall, CCNOA, Dac Dolceacqua, West Projects, Biennale Internationale d’Art Non Objectif, e9a, Saturation Point, Texas, divisible, as well as Adamovskiy Foundation for participating in organization of the project. ”

Natalia Shpytkovska
Director of CAC M17

At the presentation, everyone was able to sign their copy of the KNO | Kyiv Non Objective directory.

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