Lecture by Tiberiy Silvashi


On July the 13th, 2019, a lecture by Ukrainian artist Tiberiy Silvashi was held within the framework of international exhibition project of the subjective art “The Big Circle”.

What happens to old mediums when they are replaced by new ones? What should art be like in the digital age? And what turns subjectless painting into art of modernity? These questions were answered by the artist.
“Remembering Camus, who said that a novel would survive only if it became metaphysical, is what the old media should do. It is them who are defining a completely different paradigm now to continue their lives. They are letting the whole world into their space. , actions … the pause between the paintings becomes much more important than the paintings themselves. ” Tiberiy Silvashi

Entrance is allowed with a ticket to the Big Circle Project Exhibition

The event is supported by Adamovskiy Foundation

Address: Contemporary Art Center M17, Antonovicha st. 102/104

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