Oleksiі Bosenko’s book Free Atonality was presented at M17


On September 26th, within the exhibition “Untimely” by Viktor Sydorenko, a presentation of the book by the philosopher Oleksiy Bosenko “Free Atonality” took place, the creation of which was “detonated” by the works of Viktor Sydorenko.

“It’s not even that Sydorenko’s works make an impression on me that needs to be talked about, about impressions and about Sydorenko. The question is that these works clearly ask questions without demanding answers. ”

Thus, in his book, Oleksiy Bosenko, without feeling coercion, reflects on the issues raised by Sydorenko’s works: on contemporary art, which “lives with a twisted neck”, on the “perfect mirror”, on apocatastasis and much more.

“For example, it became clear to me how the nature of light, weight, time and freedom, as a single nature – theoretically I knew this before – how the image contradicts the prototype, how light dies, and what happens in the relationship of beauty and beauty, regardless of whether the artist is aware of what he is doing or whether he recognizes the idea of ​​beauty and its antagonism about beauty. How a thing is freed from the conditions of time… »

Oleksiy Bosenko, Viktor Sydorenko, Andriy Metlyov, Maria Shkepu and M17 visitors talked about all these maxims last Saturday. But we will not retell. It is better to hear direct speech. And one of these days it will be possible thanks to the video of the event!

But you can start reading the book today! The Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presented it to the general public – “Free Atonality”.

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