Ryabchenko Stepan

Chameleon from the Computer Viruses series, 153x134 cm, digital printing on canvas, 2018
About the artwork

Chameleon (full name Chameleon.1260) is the first polymorphic virus, created by programmer Mark Washburn in 1990. The class of polymorphic viruses combines computer viruses, which in one way or another complicate or make it impossible to recognize the virus. Such viruses are constantly changing their own code, the body of the virus, and the decoder itself.

“The project Computer Viruses by Stepan Ryabchenko is working with relevant issues for the 21st century, the ratio of the real and the virtual, exploring the specificity of their perception by the human mind. In today’s world, a computer virus is virtually a social unit, each of them has its own history and peculiar interaction with the system. Based on these facts, Stepan Ryabchenko renders the virtual nature of the virus, giving it a shape and an image. Thus, the limit between the figurative and the abstract is overcome, the viewer’s attention is transferred to the external image, the focus shifts from the sense of threat in the direction of aesthetic perception”.

Natalia Matsenko, art critic

Data CTRL Centre project

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Ryabchenko Stepan
Date of birth: 1987
Place of residence: Odesa
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