Ksenia Shcherbakova

Circulation of infernation
Circulation of infernation clothes from recycled garbage, mannequins
About the artwork

The project’s main goal is to recycle trash into usable items. During this period, the brand “Circulation of Infernation” works with textile rubbish found in garbage cans and recycled into apparel by participants. The proceeds from the sale are progressively used for the acquisition of materials for the building of a playground out of construction trash.

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Ksenia Shcherbakova
Date of birth: 1999
Place of residence: Kyiv/Odesa

Ksenia was born in Kyiv but has been living in Odesa since 2020.

Hair is the primary material used in Xenia’s art. For more than three years, the artist has been working as a hairdresser, using components of the human body – hair – as a canvas or stone. Xenia also designs clothing for the Circulation of Infernation brand and has one music project in which she plays with noises and their extraction in the form of experimental music.

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