Ksenia Shcherbakova

Paradisal Paradise
Paradisal Paradise the impromptu "hairdressing salon"
About the artwork

Ksenia Shcherbakova experiments with hairstyles and haircuts in her project “Paradisal Paradise”. The impromptu “hairdressing salon” of SRZ-2 resident and exhibition participant “Swimming Was Not Allowed in the Plant’s Aquatorium” treats human body parts – hair – as if they were canvas or stone. Repainting, clipping, and adding components to the hair are reduced to ritual acts in which the artist, Ksenia Shcherbakova, takes on the role of a shaman. Under the satirical name “Paradisal Paradise,” it is a combination of sacred and profane, ritual and hairdressing activities.

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Ksenia Shcherbakova
Date of birth: 1999
Place of residence: Kyiv/Odesa

Ksenia was born in Kyiv but has been living in Odesa since 2020.

Hair is the primary material used in Xenia’s art. For more than three years, the artist has been working as a hairdresser, using components of the human body – hair – as a canvas or stone. Xenia also designs clothing for the Circulation of Infernation brand and has one music project in which she plays with noises and their extraction in the form of experimental music.

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