Shumikhin Daniil

Couple 38,5 cm, bronze, stone, 2012
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Shumikhin Daniil
Date of birth: 1985
Place of residence: Kyiv

Personal exhibitions:


– “New hour” at the Port creative hub. Kiev, Ukraine

Selected group exhibitions:


– virtual sculpture show by M17 Sculpture Project at Kyiv Art Week
– “Form to space”, the project of and the residential complex “044”, implementation of the residential complex at the building. Kiev, Ukraine


– “Illusion of Matter”, sculptural intervention of M17 Contemporary Art Center at Kyiv Art Week. Kiev, Ukraine


– “Temporary Autonomous Zone: Kiev squat” at the “Evidence” gallery-squat. Kiev, Ukraine
– “Bigger Sculpture” in M17 (Art Ukraine Gallery). Kiev, Ukraine
– Venue Atelier at the CerModern Arts Center. Ankara, Turkey
– “Clever way”, a virtual exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the “Mitets” gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
– Volume Park, sculptural exhibition on the territory of Natalka park. Kiev, Ukraine


– “Theory”, collaboration with the creative group GAZ at the LEMinarium project at the gallery “Dziga”. Lviv, Ukraine
– Corpusculum II, sculptural project at Lavra gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
– All-Ukrainian sculpture trienale near the House of an Artist. Kiev, Ukraine (also in 2011)


– All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition at the House of an Artist. Kiev, Ukraine


– Corpusculum, a sculptural project at the Institute for the Problems of the Contemporary Art. Kiev, Ukraine


– “A4, Pen”, a yearly art project at the Karas Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
– IX ART-KYIV Contemporary at Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine
– “Theory of vitality”, a project at the VII All-Ukrainian platforms “News of the Directorate” in the Institute for the Problems of the Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine


– “Industrial Eden”, a project at the the VI All-Ukrainian Platforms “News Direct” in the Institute of Problems of the Contemporary Art. Also was shown at the VIII ART-KYIV Contemporary in the Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine


– The Great Sculptural Salon at Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine (also in 2011)


– “Lamp” at the P.Art.Com gallery. Kiev, Ukraine

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