Shumikhin Daniil

Unstable Relations with the Future in the Given Conditions
Unstable Relations with the Future in the Given Conditions
About the artwork

“This is a story about the ‘eliminating excess in design and construction’ in the USSR. In the early ’50s, the country’s leadership proclaimed the need to develop a project of economical and inexpensive housing. The pinnacle of ‘experimentation’ was a prototype apartment building in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). The project was halted for being too ‘artistic’ because, according to Khrushchev, it could be a factor leading to individualism. Thus, aesthetics were rejected, and a typical panel residential building called ‘Khrushchyovka’ was approved. They were intended to stand for 25 years until communism was finally built in the USSR. But it’s been more than 50 years since then, and they continue to stand and influence the shape of our thinking.”

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Shumikhin Daniil
Date of birth: 1985
Place of residence: Kyiv

Personal exhibitions:


– “New hour” at the Port creative hub. Kiev, Ukraine

Selected group exhibitions:


– virtual sculpture show by M17 Sculpture Project at Kyiv Art Week
– “Form to space”, the project of and the residential complex “044”, implementation of the residential complex at the building. Kiev, Ukraine


– “Illusion of Matter”, sculptural intervention of M17 Contemporary Art Center at Kyiv Art Week. Kiev, Ukraine


– “Temporary Autonomous Zone: Kiev squat” at the “Evidence” gallery-squat. Kiev, Ukraine
– “Bigger Sculpture” in M17 (Art Ukraine Gallery). Kiev, Ukraine
– Venue Atelier at the CerModern Arts Center. Ankara, Turkey
– “Clever way”, a virtual exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the “Mitets” gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
– Volume Park, sculptural exhibition on the territory of Natalka park. Kiev, Ukraine


– “Theory”, collaboration with the creative group GAZ at the LEMinarium project at the gallery “Dziga”. Lviv, Ukraine
– Corpusculum II, sculptural project at Lavra gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
– All-Ukrainian sculpture trienale near the House of an Artist. Kiev, Ukraine (also in 2011)


– All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition at the House of an Artist. Kiev, Ukraine


– Corpusculum, a sculptural project at the Institute for the Problems of the Contemporary Art. Kiev, Ukraine


– “A4, Pen”, a yearly art project at the Karas Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
– IX ART-KYIV Contemporary at Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine
– “Theory of vitality”, a project at the VII All-Ukrainian platforms “News of the Directorate” in the Institute for the Problems of the Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine


– “Industrial Eden”, a project at the the VI All-Ukrainian Platforms “News Direct” in the Institute of Problems of the Contemporary Art. Also was shown at the VIII ART-KYIV Contemporary in the Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine


– The Great Sculptural Salon at Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine (also in 2011)


– “Lamp” at the P.Art.Com gallery. Kiev, Ukraine

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